Zombie Apocalypse Plans Made by a Quarter Of Young Britons, Survey Says

Millennials are famously pessimistic about the future. In the U.K., it extends to extreme lengths: According to a new survey, nearly a quarter of British young people have a plan for a zombie apocalypse.

According to the pollster YouGov, 23 percent of 18-to-24-year-old Britons have a “zombie plan,” compared to just 11 percent for the population overall—a statistic the company said shows that Britain is “woefully underprepared” for the threat of zombie attack.



For those who have planned for a potential onslaught of brain-eating corpses, YouGov asked what their response would be.

Some 45 percent of planners said they would hole up in a home (either their own or that of a loved one), while 43 percent said they would look to gather supplies.

Meanwhile, 29 percent would try to flee elsewhere, perhaps to another city.

Just 13 percent were brave enough to include killing zombies (or, more disturbingly, survivors) in their plans. Twenty-three percent said they’d look to acquire weapons.

Depressingly, only 15 percent would try to track down family or friends, and just 6 percent would attempt to work with other survivors.

Perhaps the wisest of all, though, are the 9 percent who refused to tell pollsters what their plan involved. Canny move: When the going gets tough and the zombies start hunting, you never know who you can trust.