Student Reveals Tip to Make You Look Well-Prepared on Zoom

After over a year of Zoom classes and interviews becoming the new mode of education and work, users are discovering handy tips to improve those virtual sessions.

TikTok user @isha.muc shared one of the "secrets teachers don't want you to know," to her TikTok account, where she regularly posts study tips to her 490,000 followers.

Five days ago, she let over six million viewers in on her tip for reading notes while presenting or interviewing on a Zoom call. "You can read during an interview or presentation," she explained.

The simple tip involved downloading the "transparent note" app on your Apple desktop, which allows you to create see through virtual post-it notes on the screen. The notes can then be made bigger to fit across the whole screen, or any desired size.

As suggested by Isha in the video, the note can then be opened on top of your zoom call, allowing you to read notes while still being able to see your zoom call behind it.

This tip is ideal for presentations or speeches when you're not allowed to have notes, or interviews when you don't want the other person to know you've given yourself notes and pointers.

While the trick is also perfect for classes and situations where you are allowed notes, but want to look far more put together than searching for papers or glancing off screen at notes.

As pointed out by some viewers, splitting the screen or making the zoom call smaller and opening a Word document next to it can work similarly too. However, this tip allows you to keep your video call at its normal size, and importantly allows you to still see the other people on the call, and their reactions.

Unfortunately for Windows users, Isha's tip only works for Mac systems.

As pointed out by many viewers however, those with glasses may want to check that the notes can't be seen in the reflection, giving the game away completely.

"Please be aware if your glasses are reflective because I made that mistake on a zoom call," wrote one user.

Others have applauded the trick, including teachers who have shared that they even use it themselves. "That's how I teach my lessons sometimes," commented one teacher.

As for when it comes to sharing screens? Simply share the window the other person needs to see, rather than the whole screen. Alternatively, switching to Presenter View on PowerPoint or OneNote and choosing to Share a Portion of Screen in Zoom works too, leaving a gap for notes at the bottom.

Woman on zoom call with headphones
Stock image of a woman on a virtual call. Getty Images