Kristen Stewart and 9 Other Actresses Who've Played Princess Diana in TV and Film

Kristen Stewart's performance as Diana, Princess of Wales is being seen by the public for the first time today as Spencer is screened at the Venice International Film Festival. It's set for a theatrical release in the United States on November 5.

Diana died in a tragic car accident in Paris in August 1997, but her legacy has lived on thanks to the impact she had as a member of the British monarchy during the '80s and '90s.

As she's become such a notable figure in British history, she's been portrayed a number of times in television and film. Here's a rundown of 10 actresses who've played Princess Diana on screen.

Catherine Oxenberg - 'The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana' (1982) and 'Charles and Diana: Unhappily Ever After' (1992)

Oxenberg is the only actress on this list to have played Diana twice, and she's also the only person who's a member of a royal family in real life too.

The former Dynasty star is daughter of Howard Oxenberg and Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia.

Catherine Oxenberg as Princess Diana
Catherine Oxenberg played Princess Diana for the second time in the TV movie "Charles and Diana: Unhappily Ever After" in 1992. ABC

Oxenberg made her acting debut as Princess Diana in the 1982 made-for-TV film The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana before returning to the role to document the breakdown of the relationship with Prince Charles in Charles and Diana: Unhappily Ever After.

Serena Scott Thomas - 'Diana: Her True Story' (1993)

Serena Scott Thomas as Princess Diana
Serena Scott Thomas as Princess Diana in the 1993 limited series "Diana: Her True Story." NBC

Serena Scott Thomas holds the unique honor of playing both a member of the British royal family and a Bond girl on camera.

The British actress played the role in the limited series Diana: Her True Story, which was an adaptation of an Andrew Morton book.

She also starred opposite Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Molly Warmflash in The World is Not Enough.

Julie Cox - 'Princess in Love' (1996)

Julie Cox Princess In Love
Julie Cox on the movie poster for "Princess in Love," first released in 1996 as a TV movie. CBS

English actress Julie Cox played the royal in Princess in Love which was adapted from the book by James Hewitt, the army captain who had an affair with Diana. As a result, the TV movie has more of a focus on Hewitt's role in Diana's story.

Cox went on to star in The Oxford Murders, Children of Dune and Byron.

Amy Seccombe - 'Diana: A Tribute to the People's Princess' (1998)

Playing Princess Diana was one of only two roles Seccombe ever took on in her on-screen career. She starred in Diana: A Tribute to the People's Princess less than a year after her death.

This TV film then debuted on U.S. television on the eve of the second anniversary of Diana's death.

Michelle Duncan - 'Whatever Love Means' (2005)

Olivia Poulet, Laurence Fox and Michelle Duncan
Olivia Poulet, Laurence Fox and Michelle Duncan in "Whatever Love Means," first broadcast in 2005. ITV

The title of Whatever Love Means is taken from the infamously awkward phrase used by Prince Charles in an interview next to Princess Diana.

Michelle Duncan stars opposite Laurence Fox in this story which focuses on the royal couple's relationship leading up to their wedding day.

Duncan went on to star in a number of major projects including Doctor Who, Atonement and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Genevieve O'Reilly - 'Diana: Last Days of a Princess' (2007)

Genevieve O'Reilly as Princess Diana
Genevieve O'Reilly appears in the 2007 movie "Diana: Last Days of a Princess." TLC

Around the tenth anniversary of Diana's death, Genevieve O'Reilly took on the role in another television movie based on the royal. This story detailed the last two months of Diana's life.

O'Reilly is known for her recurring roles in The Matrix movies and Star Wars, as well as parts in Tolkien, The Snowman and the Matt Le Blanc comedy Episodes.

Nathalie Brocker - 'The Murder of Princess Diana' (2007)

The controversially titled The Murder of Princess Diana was a Lifetime Television movie. It's based on a book by British tabloid journalist Noel Botham and briefly stars Nathalie Brocker as Princess Diana.

Naomi Watts - 'Diana' (2013)

Naomi Watts as Princess Diana
Naomi Watts played Princess Diana in the 2013 movie "Diana" which was largely panned by critics. Shutterstock

Naomi Watts had the honor of playing Diana in the first big-budget big-screen adaptation of the princess's story.

Two-time Oscar nominee Watts played the title role in the movie which is an adaptation of Kate Snell's 2001 book Diana: Her Last Love.

Diana was widely panned by critics and holds an approval rating of just eight percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Emma Corrin - 'The Crown' (2019)

Emma Corrin in The Crown
Emma Corrin as Lady Diana Spencer in Season 4 of "The Crown" on Netflix. Netflix

Emma Corrin's performance as Lady Diana Frances Spencer took the world by storm when she first appeared in the Netflix series The Crown.

Corrin was largely unknown before taking on the role but has since come to prominence after winning a Golden Globe for her performance.

The role will be taken over by Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki in the next season of The Crown.

Kristen Stewart - 'Spencer' (2021)

Kristen Stewart as Diana in Spencer
Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana in the upcoming movie "Spencer." Neon/Topic Studios

The recent teaser trailer of Spencer gave viewers their first look at American actress Kristen Stewart's performance as Princess Diana. She's only heard speaking one line of dialogue but social media users were quick to voice their opinions to rate her performance.

I just saw the teaser trailer for #Spencer & a 5 minute clip from the film. Based on the footage, it looks like Kristen Stewart will be getting an Oscar nomination for her performance as Diana. I’m feeling very confident that this is going to be #KristenStewart’s big moment.

— Scott Menzel (@ScottDMenzel) August 25, 2021

Spencer will follow Diana during her Christmas holidays with the royals at the Sandringham estate in England, when she decides to leave her marriage to Prince Charles.

Written by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders) and co-starring Sally Hawkins, Timothy Spall and Sean Harris, the movie is scheduled for release in 2021.

Kristen Stewart
The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles has long since grown cold. Though rumors of affairs and a divorce abound, peace is ordained for the Christmas festivities at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. "Spencer" screens at the Venice Film Festival today before being released on November 5, 2021. STX Films


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