Abandoned and Malnourished Dog Dies After Being Found Behind Ohio Walmart

An abandoned and malnourished dog has died after being found behind a Walmart in Liberty Township, Ohio, according to an animal welfare non-profit.

The dog, named Sunny, was spotted on Friday, April 29, the Animal Welfare League (AWL) of Trumbull County said in a Facebook post that day.

Officials from the Trumbull County Dog Pound picked Sunny up but at this point she was not in good condition.

"As you can see this little lady is in bad shape but we will do what we can to help her survive this," the AWL said in the post.

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The non-profit said Sunny clearly had an owner because she had collar marks on her neck.

The dog was subsequently taken to a veterinary center where she received fluids, antibiotics and pain medicine.

"She is resting comfortably now. She will have additional follow up testing and care tomorrow. She has a long road ahead of her," the AWL said on Friday after Sunny had arrived at MedVet Mahoning Valley.

After arriving at MedVet, the dog's condition failed to improve, the AWL said in a Facebook post the next day.

"Sunny started the day strong but unfortunately has taken a turn for the worse. AWL staff gave her fluids, spoon feed her the little she could take, and comforted her," the post said.

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Despite efforts to treat her, Sunny eventually died later that day.

"Rest in Peace sweet Sunny," the AWL said. "We wish we could have got to you sooner."

The non-profit said it is still seeking information on the dog and is urging anyone who recognizes her to call them at 330-539-5300.

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"Please consider contributing to AWL to help other animals like Sunny and to help prosecute those who neglect and abuse animals," the post said.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter animal shelters in the country every year. Of those, around 3.1 million are dogs while 3.2 million are cats.

Several social media users shared their feelings about the dog's death on the AWL Facebook page.

"How heartbreaking. This beautiful baby did not deserve this but I am so incredibly grateful that she [got] kindness and love if even for just a short time," one Facebook user, Jan Wilson, said. "Thank you for everything you did for her; she's with the angels now."

Another Facebook user, Shari Baxter, said: "So sorry that she lost her battle. This makes me so mad that humans can treat these beautiful creatures so bad. I hope you find the person or people responsible for her treatment."

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Stock image showing a dog. An abandoned and malnourished dog (not pictured) has died after being found behind a Walmart in Liberty Township, Ohio. iStock