Abraham Lincoln Photo Shows President as You've Never Seen Him Before

We all know the faces of former political leaders who grace our money with Thomas Jefferson a familiar sight, and Benjamin Franklin if you're lucky.

But a digital artist has brought the founding fathers and notable presidents to life, thanks to modern technology.

While some photos do exist, they're grainy and blurry at best, while there are only paintings to go on for the likeness of Jefferson.

Reddit user Eoford used digital mastery to create life-like images of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Franklin and Jefferson, mimicking a modern-day presidential photograph with the men stood against an American flag.

Eoford's most popular image on the social media site is of the 16th president, Lincoln, who served from 1861 until his assassination in 1865.

Remote file
Remote file

He captioned the snap, shared last week: "I created a photorealistic image of Abraham Lincoln if he lived in the present day."

People are in awe over the incredible image, with JMTubby asking: "This is awesome. How's you do it?"

Referring to the incredible likeness, tehvolcanic joked: "Did the time machine look like a phone booth?"

"Phenomenal work. Like I'm looking back at him sitting in front of me," IG-11 raved.

While Enigmaticpeon raved: "This made my whole day."

Agreeing, NthBrick wrote: "Oh man, that's good."

And RM1139 pointed out: "Lincoln was described as a handsome man by many people too. They said his photos didn't do him justice. Honestly."

While shlomo127 wrote: "Awesome job! But still needs his hat."

The post later went viral after it was shared to Reddit's Instagram page, where more people praised Eoford's editing skills.

The post racked up thousands of likes after being shared over the weekend, as I_.m_a._n noted: "You know it's good when you recognise the person before you read the caption."

Remote file
Remote file

Other images Eoford created are of founding father Franklin (1705-1790), and the third president of the U.S., Jefferson, who was in office from 1801 to 1809.

And Jackson, the seventh president in office from 1829 until 1837, looks very different from his portrait on the $20 bill.

With this year seeing the start of a fresh term in office for the U.S.' 46th president, Joe Biden, Newsweek gathered 15 photos of presidents before and after they served their term.

The earliest existing known photograph of a U.S. president is an 1843 daguerreotype of John Quincy Adams, which was acquired by The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in 2017.

But it was reported the first photograph of a sitting president was taken in 1841, of the short-serving president—William Henry Harrison.

Harrison had his photograph taken sometime between March 4 and 6 in 1841.

But Harrison was the first to die in office, after contracting a cold during his lengthy inaugural address, which turned into pneumonia.

Dying on his 32nd day in office, Harrison served the shortest term in U.S. presidential history.

According to the photographer: "Harrison was 'delighted with the results.' This likeness of the ephemeral Presi­dent Harrison has never been found," the White House Historical Association website says.

Lincoln memorial at night.
Stock image of the Lincoln memorial at night. A digital artist has created 'photorealisitc' images of founding fathers and notable presidents. PatriceO/Getty Images