Activist Promises to 'Exterminate' All Ukrainians Who Won't Switch Sides

A new video shows a Russian activist threatening to kill Ukrainians who don't join his nation's cause.

Julia Davis, a journalist and creator of the watchdog group Russian Media Monitor, tweeted the video of Pavel Gubarev as recorded in the Donetsk People's Republic—one of four territories annexed by Russia and recently recognized by the country as its own after voter referendums believed by Ukraine and Western allies to be illegitimate.

"We aren't coming to kill you, but to convince you," Gubarev said. "But if you don't want to be convinced, we'll kill you. We'll kill as many as we have to: 1 million, 5 million, or exterminate all of you."

Gubarev, a Ukrainian, is a pro-Russian activist and self-proclaimed "people's governor" of the Donetsk.

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis retweeted the video.

"Let me get this straight: sign up immediately or the genocide starts," Stavridis wrote. "Most unconvincing argument I've ever heard."

Gubarev's comments come one day after Ukraine accused Russia of hiding soldiers in schools and using civilians as "human shields" in Donetsk.

"The enemy continues to cover himself with the population of the temporarily occupied territories, as a human shield," the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine alleged in its daily operational update on Monday. "Thus, in some educational institutions of the Yasynuvata district of the Donetsk oblast, at the same time as the educational process, servicemen of units of the Russian occupation forces continue to be accommodated."

Donetsk Russian Activist Exterminate Ukrainians
A Ukrainian flag is put on an abandoned Russian tank near Dolina in the Donetsk region on October 10, 2022. A new video shows a Russian activist threatening to "exterminate" Ukrainians who don't support Russia's cause following annexation and recent referendums. YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP via Getty Images

Russian soldiers are also allegedly acting clandestinely in civilian buildings, including hospitals and schools, in the Luhansk People's Republic (LNR), the Kherson region and Zaporizhzhia now recognized as part of the Russian Federation.

Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, posted Sunday on Telegram that Russians killed three civilians in the Donetsk—two in Siversk, one in Slovyansk. Seven were injured.

"Currently, it is impossible to establish the exact number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovas," he wrote.

Ukrinform reported that over 1.2 million people have left Donetsk since Russia's invasion in February—a large number considering the pre-invasion population was estimated to be 1.67 million.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Ukraine's 93rd Mechanized Brigade is making its presence known in the Donetsk and Kharkiv regions in the form of aerial warfare.

"Drones in modern warfare are the eyes and I really hope that we will have much more of these eyes in the sky," Alex, a drone operator in the 93rd Brigade, told the publication near the Donetsk front lines. "We are engaged in reconnaissance and work in the air against the enemy [the Russians] all the time [here]."

One week ago, the Russian foreign ministry announced that Ukrainians from the four annexed territories who are abroad have one month to accept or reject Russian citizenship.

Newsweek reached out to the Russian Ministry of Defense for comment.