'Crying': Adopted Man Finds Biological Family After 66 Years in Teary Video

A man who was adopted at birth has found his biological family after 66 years.

TikTok user Betheny Melton (@bethmelt) shared a video on the popular social media platform of her father receiving the news that she had tracked down his long-lost relatives using a genetic testing service online.

The video, which can be viewed here, was posted on Saturday. It shows Betheny's mom telling her husband that their daughter has found a man online who is a 30 percent genetic match, meaning he is likely Betheny's grandfather.

"It means I've actually got kinfolk?" Betheny's dad asks, breaking into a huge smile.

It is then revealed that Betheny's possible grandfather—and her dad's possible father—wants to talk to his long-lost son, and that he also has sisters.

"I have sisters," Betheny's dad shouts while bursting into happy tears. "I have people."

It turns out that the grandfather had also been searching for his biological son and was very excited to find him.

The grandfather lives on a ranch in Colorado and wants to meet his newly-discovered son as soon as possible.

The clip, which has been liked 3 million times and received more than 87,000 comments, made TikTok users very emotional.

KRISTEN said: "Is all of tik tok crying right now?"

Mika Hickman commented: "I'm in tears. Congratulations on finding out you have a family!!!!"

Bite Club Al wrote: "omg his face when you said 'he wants to talk to you'🥺 I'm crying."

According to the National Council for Adoption, roughly 18,000 out of 2 million babies born in the U.S. every year are put up for adoption. The number of babies being adopted has declined heavily since the 1970s, which is due to a change in social and political norms.

From the 1950s to the mid-1970s, it is estimated that 1.5 million unwed mothers were coerced into giving their babies up for adoption. Although unmarried women are no longer expected to put their children up for adoption as a default, single mothers still face discrimination—with 23.4 percent living in poverty.

So many people wanted to know more about Betheny's dad that she created a second video explaining his story in more detail.

Betheny said: "I ordered a 23andMe kit because I had health questions, and kept it in the back of my mind that my dad was adopted and maybe I would find something.

"Instead I found everyone and everything.

"The first thing on there was 'this man is likely your grandfather.'

"So I messaged him and I said 'my dad was born here, on this year, does that sound possible?'

"He immediately replied and said he had thought he had a kid around that time and had been looking for him ever since.

"He was ecstatic."

Betheny called her mom who told her husband as soon as he returned home from work. Betheny's dad then called his long-lost father and the pair "talked for hours." He also got to talk to his sisters, and the family has since set up a group chat.

"It's absolutely amazing," Betheny said.

As Betheny and her parents live in Texas, the family hasn't met the long-lost kinfolk face-to-face yet. However, they all plan to meet in person later this month.

Betheny added: "Thank you guys for just all of the love, we really appreciate it.

"He knows this is happening on TikTok and he says I owe him like a thousand hugs because I've gotten a thousand comments saying you guys want to hug him."

Betheny said she will post a reunion video in the near future.

Betheny's dad isn't the only family reunion to go viral recently. Last summer, a woman who was forced to give up her child in 1955 found her long-lost son George through a DNA test. Meanwhile, two sisters separated at birth were reunited in December 2021 after 73 years apart.

The story of a "real-life Matilda" also warmed hearts around the internet in October, after a teacher adopted her former student after spending nearly five years in foster care.

Newsweek has reached out to Betheny (@bethmelt) for comment.

Adopted Man Finds Biological Family
Stock photo of older man hugging adult son on sofa. Betheny Melton's father had been searching for his biological family for years before she found a match to her grandfather on 23andMe. Andrii Iemelyanenko/iStock/Getty Images Plus