Adorable Black Cat Attempts to 'Scare' Owner in Viral Video

This black cat doesn't just mind being a "scaredy-cat"—she also wants to give others a good fright too.

A sweet moment between a kitten and her owner has gone viral online for the cat's silly attempt to "scare" her owner.

TikTok user Nicole Pryor (@npryor) shared a video on Sunday of her cat, Salem, showing off her new favorite trick. "I learned she likes being scared and she started to try to scare us," Pryor writes in a text overlay on the video.

As Pryor walks toward the open door, Salem's small head and ear are seen peeking over the edge of the wall where she is "hiding" to check her owner is on her way. Salem then pops up and jumps in front of Pryor as she crosses the threshold.

"Oh, you're so scary!" she says, getting low to the ground to give viewers a good look at Salem's "ferocious" face. She looks up at Pryor with wide eyes, evidently proud that she was able to spook her owner successfully. "You're so scary!" she adds.

The adorable video ends with Pryor taking her turn to "scare" Salem. She jumps up in the air, which prompts the cat to do the same before scurrying down the hall. Pryor is heard giggling as the camera cuts.

Though it was a simple moment between a woman and her beloved pet, the video quickly became a fan favorite with TikTok users. Since posting five days ago, the clip has been viewed more than 18.3 million times and liked by over 5.2 million adoring fans.

"THE PAWS GOING UP," one viewer gushed. "The way she creeped her head out to make sure [you were] coming," another said.

Several pet parents shared that Salem is not alone in her mission to frighten her owner.

"My black cat does this too! He's always 'hunting' me!" one viewer remarked. "My dog started doing this too," another added.

A few experts on cat behavior said that the game was so fun for Salem because it was tapping into her instincts. "You're actually teaching her hunting skills. Cats are [meant] to hunt, and you're [teaching] her natural skills. So she loves it!" one person commented. "This is why I adopted siblings together. They're so adorable when they hunt each other," another viewer chimed in.


Reply to @friedbro acting scared? Don’t need to, she actually scares my mom 😂🐱 #scarykitty #peekaboo #hideandattack #fypシ

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Among the additional footage Pryor subsequently posted of Salem attempting to get her, she shared one particular "frightening" video after a fan joked that she had "better start acting scared" when Salem pops out.

"I got something better, how about her actually scaring my mom," Pryor teased in the overlaid text on the video.

In the second clip, Pryor's mother walks past a dining table set, where Salem was patrolling underneath the chairs. She pops out behind the woman, who appears to have been genuinely spooked by the cat.

"Oh my God, you scared me!" she says, as Salem slinks away.

"I ACTUALLY GOT SCARED BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE IT WAS," one equally startled viewer reacted. "Love how she ran to you like look what I did," another said.

Many viewers also expressed their love for the cat and their willingness to do anything for Salem.

"I am absolutely LIVING for Salem omg I love her," one fan professed. "Change your display picture. This is [Salem's] TikTok now," another teased.

Newsweek reached out to Pryor for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Salem is not the only cat stealing the hearts of social media users. Yesterday, a group of orphaned two-pound cats were taken on a special field trip to an aquarium, as seen in a sweet video shared with Newsweek. Another animal shelter recently threw a birthday party for 19-year-old Sammy the cat, who has since been adopted into a "furever" home.

Black kitten 'scares' owner in viral video
Salem the black cat adorably tried to frighten her owner in a viral TikTok. Viewers couldn't get enough of the tiny kitten and her antics. Emilee Chinn/Getty Images