Adorable Cat Getting Tucked Into Bed Seen 32 Million Times in Viral Video

Cats are the undisputed rulers of the internet, with sites full of videos of our four-legged friends sleeping, eating and being mischievous.

One video, which has cat lovers everywhere gushing over, shows an adorable tabby getting tucked into bed.

Usually a staple for children and the sick, Pishy the cat gets the ultimate TLC treatment.

Owner Camm_brii posted the heart-warming clip to her TikTok page, @cowlashes, showing the moggy being placed in the bed.

A woman pulls back the floral bedspread and expertly arranges Pishy, with her head resting on the pillow.

The woman keeps her in place as she pulls the comforter over her, with just her head visible, before she pops her paws on top of the blanket.

The short clip was shared to the social media site at the beginning of this month, where it has amassed a whopping 35 million views, and can be seen here.

Camm_brii captioned it: "She stays in bed like this alllll night. Her name is Pishy (pee-she)."

Commenting on Pishy's apparent life of luxury, Ollie thought: "God has favorites and it's this cat."


She stays in bed like this alllll night ;) her name is Pishy (pee-she)

♬ Great Mother In The Sky - Lionmilk

"This healed some sort of pain in me," Tiana wrote.

Sad.ri declared: "Not to be dramatic but I would die for Pishy."

"She tucked in the blanket and everything," Jacq added.

While Violet commented: "The way you can hear her purring at the end. She's so cute!"

Replying, Camm_brii added: "I love you heard her loud purrs because she has an extremely loud purr for some reason."

Following the success of the video, Camm_brii shared a follow-up clip of her bedroom, as she pans the space saying: "I love how the sunlight hits my room."

And as she films the bed, Pishy can be seen sprawled out on her back, asleep.

People fell in love with Pishy all over again, with this clip racking up more than a million views.

In the comment section, she admitted: "I wish I can make her happier but I have to go to work, and I know she gets sad when I leave. She waits at the door until I come back."

She shared a further four clips of her cat, as she promised followers "daily updates," according to her TikTok bio.

One of cats' favorite past-times is sleeping, with pet food website Purina revealing felines need to get around 15 hours shut eye a day, with kittens needing up to 20.

Explaining why, Purina wrote: "Cats sleep long hours in order to recharge for their next hunting spree. Although your domesticated cat's existence couldn't be more different to the wild felines' such as lions, the genetic programming is pretty much the same.

"Just like its big cat cousins, your fluffball instinctively conserves energy in case they have to chase down their next meal, which they do despite all the nice dinners they get at home, served in a timely fashion every day.

"Never mind the premium cat food the loving owner puts in front of them day in and day out, their innate instincts can easily take over despite the countless comforts of home life."

Newsweek reached out to Camm_brii for comment.

File photo of a sleeping cat.
File photo of a sleeping cat. A video of a cat getting tucked into bed has been seen millions of times. PatrikStedrak