After 50 years, Jammie Dodgers Recipe Changes

Jammie Dodgers will now contain milk, provoking widespread criticism. Burton’s Biscuit Company/

On Wednesday, Burton Biscuits announced that after 50 years , they were changing the the recipe for Jammie Dodgers to tackle dwindling sales. The jam-filled treats with heart-shaped centres, a British favorite, will now include milk protein, meaning they will no longer be suitable for vegans or those intolerant to lactose. They will also contain up to 22 per cent less sugar and the packaging will be revamped. It follows research by Burton Biscuits which found customers were after "crispier biscuits and a fruitier-flavoured jam".

A spokesperson for Burton's Biscuit Company tells Newsweek: "We have recently carried out a reformulation of our Jammie Dodgers recipe, based on consumer feedback as how best to improve the flavour and texture of the product. For the new reformulated recipe, we have communicated that there is now an additional allergen of milk within the product. This is due to the addition of whey in the recipe, which gives a more rounded flavour to the biscuit."

The decision has sparked outrage on social media and almost 4,500 people have signed an online petition calling for the biscuits to be made using the original recipe. Ali Ryland, leading the campaign, wrote an open letter on the site: "Thousands upon thousands of vegans, dairy reducers and those with intolerance will now have to stop buying Jammie Dodgers unless the old recipe is reverted to," she writes.

A spokesman from The Vegan Society, Jimmy Pierce says: "Are they not aware of the growing numbers of vegans, dairy reducers and the lactose intolerant? Jammie Dodgers are one of many 'accidentally vegan' products, much loved by the vegan community. They are reducing the size of their market significantly, which doesn't seem to make much commercial sense."

First, the biscuit shortage, and now this. Whatever next?