Gatecrashers Trash Airbnb House During All-Night Party, Cause More Than $30,000 Worth of Damage

A home listed on Airbnb in Australia has been left with more than $30,000 worth of damage after a house party attended by dozens of youths escalated out of control.

Police responded to the property, located at Box Hill North in the state of Victoria, around 6 a.m. on November 17 after a fight between the attendees broke out in front of the home. The property had been rented for two days and up to 80 people were removed from the scene.

Surveillance footage was published by local media outlet 9News showing some of the partygoers fleeing from the area holding planks of wood.

Authorities said damage to the home was extensive, with gaping holes left in several walls, items ripped from walls and rubbish left throughout.

An initial assessment of the wreckage estimated that it could cost up to A$45,000 ($30,000) to repair.

Local residents said they were shocked by the unexpected commotion. One witness, identified only as Felicity, said culprits who were stopped by law enforcement did not appear to be taking the situation seriously. "They [police] had them against the fences, they were searching them. The kids were just laughing," she said.

Another resident who lives close by said there had been "shouting and yelling" on the home's driveway from about midnight. The Airbnb owner said five bookings had to be canceled.

"It is believed a brawl broke out the front of the house with a large number of youths,' a Victoria Police spokesperson told the Daily Mail in a statement. "Police shut down the party with up to 80 youths dispersing from the house at about 6 a.m. The house sustained major internal damage and police are investigating whether items were stolen."

Airbnb told Newsweek the homeowner would be supported thanks to its "host guarantee," which automatically covers up to $1 million in property damage for users.

A spokesperson said via email: "The reported behavior is utterly unacceptable and violates everything our community stands for.

"We have absolutely zero tolerance for bad behavior and we enforce strict policies to protect hosts, guests and the wider community. We have removed the bad actors from our platform and stand ready to assist Victoria Police to ensure they are held to account.

"We will support the host through our host guarantee. There have been more than half a billion guest arrivals in Airbnb listings and negative incidents like this are extremely rare."

Earlier this month, Airbnb chief executive Brian Chesky said the company would bolster efforts to put an end to "party houses" after a property listed on the website over Halloween was used for an event with more than 100 attendees that resulted in five people being fatally shot.

"We are re-doubling our efforts to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive host and guest conduct," Chesky tweeted. "We must do better, and we will. This is unacceptable."