Man Baffled by Toilet and Bath Out in the Open in Barmy Airbnb Layout

There are a few things you want while staying in a rental or hotel, usually good weather, a comfy bed, and a bathroom which has some privacy.

Which is why one man was baffled after staying at a house, which he claimed was rented through Airbnb, which features the toilet and bathroom out in the open.

Making matters worse, the bedroom was on a mezzanine floor, meaning there were no walls separating the ensuite from the living room and kitchen, which was a stone's throw away.

Nate Farah shared a clip of the barmy layout to his TikTok account, @natfaraax, set to a popular audio file. It shows the actor smiling while filming the bed in the background, as he gives viewers a tour.

Standing in the same spot, he turns to show a sink and vanity, which isn't out of the ordinary, but then he swivels once more, to reveal both the corner bathtub and toilet in an open-plan design.

If that wasn't bad enough, Farah, an actor, reveals a set of steps in front of the toilet leading down to the main level, affording any user absolutely no privacy—or walls—between themselves and any other guests.

The footage, shared at the beginning of this month, has been watched more than ten million times, and can be seen here, as people proclaimed the design completely ill-suited for purpose.

In the comments, the 24-year-old revealed he and his dad were staying in the property, although he didn't elaborate on how the bathroom schedules works.

Farah, from the U.K., didn't specify where he was saying, but it's believed to be in Canada.

But Farah did share updates to his page after his video went viral. Seemingly referring to using the using the toilet, he said: "This place is so weird. I will not be participating, not here, unfortunately."

On Sunday he shared yet another video tour, as he said in comments: "It's an Airbnb I stayed in, there's no way in hell I'd ever but something like this haha. I'm also 24 and can't afford s***."


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On the original video, Ola Zwolenik joked: "They really took the open plan concept to the next level."

Faugette commented: "That's like the bathroom in my nightmares."

"This looks like a Sims starter home," Bug reckoned.

Niane simply questioned: "Why is everything out in the open like that."

While Amilia added: "Others have an open kitchen, he has an open bathroom."

According to Statista, Airbnb was valued at $35 billion in 2019, after starting up in 2007.

The website says: "Airbnb is primarily an online accommodation rental marketplace which enables hosts to rent out their properties or rooms to guests. It has also expanded to offer "experiences" which the company describes as "unique activities we can do together, led by a world of hosts."

Newsweek reached out to Farah and Airbnb for comment.

File photo of man on toilet.
File photo of man on toilet. A man was baffled after renting a home with had no walls around the bath or toilet. Vicheslav/Getty Images