New Yorker Reveals the Bonkers 'Spare Bedroom' Behind Her Toilet

A New Yorker has joked she practically has a "spare bedroom" behind her toilet after revealing her bonkers apartment layout.

While most people want a spacious bathroom, one woman revealed her fixtures meant her toilet was practically in the middle of the room, leaving an awkwardly large space behind it.

The tenant, named Prosperitea, shared a clip to her TikTok page, as she gave people a tour of her home.

"Things in my NYC [New York city] apartment that just make sense. The entire spare bedroom behind my toilet," she said filming the space.

Footage reveals a fairly stylish bathroom with marble tiles, but while the toilet is next to the sink there's a vast cubby hole behind it.

Prosperitea joked: "Renting the space behind my toilet for $1300/mo wifi included."

She films herself walking around the toilet to stand behind it, demonstrating just how spacious the recess is. Rather than let it be dead space, she tried to give it purpose and added some storage, confirming she bought a shelving ladder from Ikea.

And Prosperitea added she had tried to use the area for her cats, with no luck. "I actually had the litter box back there but my cats hated it," she added.


Renting the space behind my toilet for $1300/mo wifi included #nyc #nycapartment #nycapartmenttour #fyp #foryoupage

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The layout has been mocked online, as numerous people suggested what she could do with the extra space.

Danielle Cardona admitted: "Hahahahaha omg I've lived in NYC my whole life basically and this is definitely a new one for me."

Heather Robertson Bello pointed out: "At least it's easy to clean around the toilet."

Marc thought: "That's literally an office nook."

Tayallday reckoned: "Storage is storage."

Although MysticBrokeGoth commented: "You know this isn't awful, I mean who said toilets have to be right up against the wall?"

And Anna-Marie Durham suggested: "You could add a folding screen right behind to give the feel of a wall... just a thought."

Ollie The Corgi said: "Time to make a closet."

Ohmy.Serendipity shared her thoughts, writing: "You need a bookshelf there. That's the perfect place to keep your library!"

Miss asked: "I lived in NY my whole life and never seen this before, how?!"

While Aileen added: "That's a garage behind the toilet."

And referencing some of the niche ideas people suggested, Prosperitea replied: "Thanks for all the ideas of massages while pooping. I'll definitely bring up that idea to my roommates and see if anyone is interested."

Newsweek reached out to Prosperitea for comment.

Stock image of a toilet.
Stock image of a toilet. A New Yorker has shared her bonkers apartment layout which has seen an entire "spare room" behind the toilet. Peter Dazeley/Getty Images