New Yorker Shares Kitchen Design Where He Has to 'Cook Dinner' to Open a Drawer

A New Yorker has shared a video of the "secret drawer" in his kitchen that can't be reached unless the oven is open and switched on.

Tyler Wilcha, who describes himself as a "lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley, New York, roughly 90 miles north of NYC," shared a clip to TikTok revealing his nonsensical kitchen layout.

Although Wilcha can actually use the cooker—which might be considered a luxury for some New York City tenants—it seems the kitchen designer didn't fully think this one through.

Wilcha filmed a corner of his kitchen, which has a white tiled floor, wooden worktops and duck-egg blue cabinets.

He asks in the video, shared on Tuesday: "Anyone else have weird house problems like this?"

He then talks viewers through the steps required to get inside the drawer, saying: "Check out my secret drawer. You try to open it, it's blocked by the oven. So what do you got to do? You've got to open up the oven to open it, right?"


Any one else have weird house problems like this? #welcometomyhouse

♬ My House (Challenge Version) - Flo Rida

But it's not as simple as that. He continues: "Boom. Then it's blocked by the oven light. Now you've got to turn the oven light on, to open it even further. But now it's blocked by the stove top. So you have to turn this to medium to open it even further."

In order to get the drawer fully open, Wilcha has to mimic grilling food—and remember to switch off the cooker afterwards.

At the end of the video, he reveals what he stores in the secret drawer: "What do I keep in there? Sponges."

He adds that as he shops at Sam's Club, it's "a pack of 30 or nothing."

The clip of this bizarre set-up has been watched more than 8 million times, with TikTok user Mariah pointing out: "You gotta cook a whole meal to open the drawer."

"Ain't no one stealing those sponges," WallFlee joked.

Mimi wrote: "Omg it somehow kept getting worse."

Fake Fake posted: "Drawer has a combination lock."

Samantha suggested that the drawer could be used as "a built-in safe," and Thena remarked: "This made me unrealistically mad lol."

Another New Yorker shared a kitchen conundrum last month.

TikTok user Clay posted a clip showing that he has the opposite problem: he has to open a drawer so he can use his oven.

He says in the video, which has been watched more than 2 million times: "So you have to open the drawer, move it to the side, then it comes open."

In a follow-up clip, which he posted after receiving thousands of comments and questions about his kitchen, he reveals that, even after doing all that, the oven door doesn't open fully because it hits a pipe.

"Last but not least, when you do actually open it, it can't even open all the way," he said.

Stock image of man fixing an oven
Stock image of a man fixing an oven. A New Yorker has revealed the bizarre process required to open a "secret drawer" in his home. LightFieldStudios/Getty Images

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