New York Apartment Costing $2.5k a Month Mocked As You Can't Open the Oven

A New York city apartment costing more than $2,000 a month is going viral online after people spotted you can barely open the oven door.

The city is infamous for its sky-high rents, with tenants regularly sharing snaps of their tiny flats along with horror stories of the bathroom being located in the kitchen.

And it seems this West Village pad may be about to join their ranks, after a photo was shared to Twitter, by a man named Nick, who said: "The kitchen on this $2,650 NYC apartment is killing me."

The photo shows a tiny nook which has been converted into the kitchen, with a sink, full sized cooker and fridge crammed onto an L-shaped strip of lino.

While the appliances may be full-sized—a rarity in the city—people were quick to notice the location of the refrigerator meant it was near-impossible to open the oven door.

The 325 square foot (sq ft) apartment features an ornate fireplace, and people joked that's where the renter will be forced to cook.

frowning at how the subject of the NYT piece decided to use the fireplace

— nick (@JucheMane) April 15, 2021

Responding on Twitter, Patrick Monahan said: "Need to use the oven? Simply move the fridge a few feet."

EP pointed out: "You could artfully slide a frozen pizza in there... Good luck getting it out, though..."

While PcPlaguee asked: "You can't even get the stove open. This got to be a joke."

Stating the obvious, Tad Strange wrote: "You can't even use it without moving the fridge."

Mercury2Phoenix tweeted: "I guess you are not allowed to use the oven, just the range? LoL It's about the same size as the kitchen in my 25' motorhome, except it has full sized appliances."

And Kelly D thought: "Damn. Does the fireplace work, cause that's where you'll be cooking. I'll buy the new tenant a campfire cooking book."

The original poster, Nick, later shared another snap after the tenant moved in, revealing how they'd artfully decorated the pad - including using the fireplace as storage.

The refrigerator and oven set-up remained the same, however, as he added: "Frowning at how the subject of the NYT piece decided to use the fireplace."

A New York Times article revealed the renter was 25-year-old Katherine Campagna.

Originally from San Francisco, the financial analyst wanted to upgrade from her 175 sq ft apartment, now she worked from home during the COVD-19 pandemic.

Katherine was able to negotiate the rent down to $2,550, but paid a $1,750 broker fee.

Addressing the cooking layout, listing agent, Shiri Rahamim, of Highline Residential, said: "The apartment is very charming, very West Village-y. It's a West Village kitchen, you know?

Katherine seemed pleased with her new home, including the oven, although didn't explain exactly how she managed to operate it.

She told The New York Times: "There are layers of plaster and paint on the walls, which gives my walls an interesting texture that makes it impossible to hang pictures. My floor is incredibly sloped, but I find it charming. I have my furniture stacked up on shims. The refrigerator has no bells or whistles. I got rid of the toaster oven now that I have a real oven."

Apartment building along the upper West Side
Sunset falls on apartment building along the upper West Side of Manhattan and the West Side Highway in New York City on March 23, 2019. A $2.5 New York apartment is being mocked as you can't open the oven door. Gary Hershorn/Getty Images