Woman Finds Tunnel System of Crawl Spaces and a Secret Room in 'Creepy' Home

A woman has compared her house to something from the movie Coraline with numerous crawl spaces forming a "tunnel system"—and an entire room hidden behind a window.

The tenant, who calls herself JKay online, shared a series of videos to TikTok after finding strange spaces dotted around her rented house, which was built in 1959.

She claims there are "things in my rental home which just don't make sense," as she showed off a tiny door at floor-level, which leads to a crawl space that comes out in the ceiling of another room.

"I moved cross country and rented it sight unseen. The listing didn't mention a tunnel system," she added, without revealing the location of the house.

But that's not the strangest thing about her new home, as JKay said: "If you thought the Coraline crawlspace was weird, check this out. I wonder where this window behind the stairwell leads?"

She films her staircase leading to the lower level, which has a large window in the middle of the wall.

JKay can barely open the window due to the angle of the stairs, but she manages to access it and films a large room filled with debris.

"Lots of leaves," she says as she pans the room, which has a sloped, brick ceiling, wooden paneled walls and a bare floor.

And she points out yet another crawl space in the middle of the wall, as she asked: "Why is there so many?"

In a follow-up video shared on Wednesday, Jkay said: "I'm not ready to crawl through but I think I know where it leads."

She walks through her entire home out to the garage, and points out a void space above a doorway.

"But wait there's more," she says, walking back through the house again and into the living room.

"Of course, another crawl space," JKay said as she filmed yet another tiny door near the ceiling.

Jkay has explored a few passageways, but she filmed even more in the ceilings of various rooms that she has not yet accessed.

As she explored the "tunnels" in various clips, she found a box of Cheese Nips from 2016, an orange shoe and door beads—while some tunnels have plug sockets and light switches.

The bizarre layout and interconnected crawl spaces have horrified people online, who claimed they wouldn't be able to sleep in the house.

"Hello no, I don't feel comfortable with you staying there and I don't even know you," Sabot Taj wrote.

Izzypfister98 wrote: "No it's fine it's just the most perfect house for serial killers."

While FigNoBeHere thought: "You should do some research on your house just to see if there were any crimes or stuff going on in your house because I get bad vibes from this place."

And Emilee commented: "This doesn't feel safe."

While LeLeWiltshire added: "Watch. Someone lives in them."

In response to comments from people claiming she should turn the crawl spaces into a panic room, Jkay then revealed there was one of those too in the bizarre layout.

She filmed a cramped space with metal doors and a bolt, saying: "This is what an actual safe room is. Horrifying."

Jkay captioned a few of her clips, which have amassed millions of views, with the hashtag "#Coralinehouse."

It's referencing the animated movie where the titular character accesses another world via the crawl space in her house.

Man peering into a void
Stock image of a man peering into a void in the floor. A woman's house is going viral online after she compared it to something from the Coraline movie. Getty Images/Thomas Northcut