Swede Reveals What Ikea's Product Names Really Mean and Shoppers Are in Shock

A Swede took a stroll around IKEA and revealed exactly what the furniture names really mean, prompting people to ask if the store was pulling a "prank" on shoppers.

TikTok user Hannahbgg shared the eye-opening clip online, after her other half, Fred, took a shopping trip.

She captioned it: "Our Duvet Cover is called Ground Onions."

The pair head round the store as Fred translates, with Hannah saying: "Going to Ikea with a Swede."

Fred reveals a $1.99 "svampig" sponge means "mushroomy," and pointing to some jars he says "bror" means "brother."

The next piece of furniture they look at is a $299 "under cabinet range hood" called "utdragbar," which Fred explains translates to "pulling out function."

A $59.99 ceiling fan called "molnighet" means "cloud cover," while a $19.99 table lamp called "arstid" means "season" in English.

"Different seasons," Fred explains.

A $79 "poänng" armchair means "point," with Fred saying: "Like on point."

Sticking with the sitting theme, next Fred explains a $599 "friheten" sleeper sofa translates to "freedom."

A black 79c "färgrik" mug bizarrely means "colorful", as Fred notes: "This colorful cup."

As Hannah jokes: "That makes sense."

The hilarious revelations have been met with shock from furniture fans, with ReadingRainbow18 saying: "IKEA really just opened the dictionary to a random page and pointed."

User3225074741342 asked: "Has IKEA been pranking us all this time?"

While og_ginger_tee commented: "So there's Swedish, and then there's IKEA-ish?"

Klara Rakel Gretarsed replied: "Ok Ok Ok but what does BLIXTSNABB means my stove top sounds so aggressive."

And Ami J. admitted: "I thought it was just the Swedish name for these objects I've been lied to."

TikToker Whitney goes to MN clarified: "So in Swedish Ikea it's "excuse me, I'm looking for the brother jar?""

And Lauren commented: "I thought the names were all made up words."

While Mia stated: "Google translate is coming out during my next IKEA trip."

And people also took the opportunity to ask Hannah and Fred to translate other items, with Lauren Schultz posting: "My daughter is obsessed with a cat from Ikea called a lilliput. Please tell me what it means!"

To which Hannah replied: "Fred says it means "little one.""

While Courtney Peterson asked: "What does malm mean because ever since we bought that, it's me and my husband's favourite word."

"Fred says it's a type of rock," Hannah replied.

Newsweek has reached out to IKEA for comment.

Logo of a Scandivanian furniture store Ikea
A picture shows the logo of a Scandivanian furniture chain store Ikea, on January 13, 2021 in Saint-Herblain, outside of the city of Nantes. A Swede has revealed what Ikea's furniture names translate to in a viral video. Getty Images/LOIC VENANCE / AFP