Alligator Found in Dumpster After Hurricane Ida Sparks Halloween Contest

Of all the things you would expect to find in the trash, an alligator is certainly not one of them.

Nevertheless this was a reality for residents in New Orleans on September 8, when a local stumbled upon the dead creature hanging half out of a dumpster in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

Speaking to WGNO at the time, Naomi Gadinsky said: "There's a gator in the garbage. This morning I woke up and it was business as usual, then my husband said there's a large dead gator in the dumpster across the street from our house."

The reptile was removed to a landfill but since the surreal moment, it has been affectionately dubbed "Dumpster Gator."

There have been stickers made of the famed sight and a local woman even got a tattoo.

But now, in time for Halloween, Demo Diva, the company that owns the dumpster in which the alligator was found, are launching a competition.

You could be in with a chance to win $500 if you dress up as the alligator who was headfirst in the bright pink dumpster.

Posting to Instagram, Demo Diva explained: "Alright Y'all .... @dumpstergator has risen from the dead (again!).

"Create the best @dumpstergator Halloween costume and win $500. Tag @thedemodiva on Instagram and all our company employees will be the judges."

We are sure that the tongue-in-cheek contest will make people smile, though the same can't be said about the dead animal's effect on the local residents at the time.

Gadinsky told local news: "To me it seems hazardous. I would hate for someone's kid to get sick or someone's dog to start eating the dead tail."

Additionally a passerby, Alexis Elliot, said: "I think it should be removed from the dumpster. It is attracting a lot of bugs.

"I never thought there would be a gator in an Uptown dumpster. Only in New Orleans."

In other news, those who are fans of dressing up for Halloween may be disappointed to learn that supermodel Heidi Klum is axing her Halloween party this year.

Speaking to TooFab, the German star explained: "With everything happening in the world right now, I feel like it's still too early for me to feel okay having a party. So I will not do that this year again.

"Like last year, I feel like it's insensitive of me to do that. I don't want anyone to get hurt because we're having fun on my dime so I don't want to do that."

Stock image of an alligator. iStock/Cindy Larson