9-Foot Alligator Attempting to Enter Community Pool Captured by Police

Police in a North Carolina town shared the moment they captured a nine-foot alligator that had attempted to enter a community pool, and the image has provided plenty of laughs on social media.

Sunset Beach Police Department in Brunswick County were called to Oyster Bay Drive on October 15 after receiving complaints from local residents about a large alligator walking around the neighborhood.

According to social media posts from SBPD, the alligator had also attempted to enter the community pool. After arriving on the scene, officers discover that the alligator had even broken through the porch lattice at the reservation office.

Officers caught the alligator using a lasso-like invention and with the safety of residents in mind, relocated the animal to a nearby pond.

SBPD shared an image of the alligator being captured on Facebook yesterday, October 21, where it soon gained a lot of interest from entertained locals. The photo showed five officers escorting the alligator, with three holding onto the rope that lassoed the animal.

According to the SBPD website, the department has just 15 officers, meaning one-third of the department was needed to face the alligator.

"Best social distancing pet to own," commented one Facebook user.

"Did he get charged for breaking and entering," joked another.

Although this alligator took five people to safely take it down, last month saw a Florida man single handedly catch and relocate an alligator from his front yard.

As reported by Newsweek, Eugene Bozzi went viral online after managing to trap an alligator inside a trash bin with nothing but his own intuition. In the clip, Bozzi approached the animal with a bin tipped sideways with the lid open. The reptile initially backed away and even hissed at Bozzi, but eventually backed into the wall.

Bozzi flipped the bin's lid, hitting the head of the alligator, causing it to accidentally walk into the bin during the commotion. The heroic man simply placed the bin upright again, met with cheers from onlookers.

"I got kids to protect," Bozzi captioned the video he shared to Instagram. As noted by many online, the man performed the whole entrapment simply wearing Adidas slides.

Earlier in the year, a North Carolina resident also shared disturbing footage of a "cannibal" alligator online, showing the animal with the tail of another alligator in its mouth.

Alligators are known to be cannibals and it's not uncommon for them to eat the bodies of younger reptiles.

The video went viral online, although it's unclear if the alligator simply found the tail or killed the alligator itself.

"It's typical alligator behavior. They are cannibalistic at times. What alligators will typically do is they'll take that animal and stuff it some place for a week or two until it gets nice and soft and they can tear it apart," Gary Morse, from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), told Fox13 News.

alligator and police officers
A photo of the alligator and officers. Sunset Beach Police Department