Amazon Delivery Driver Runs Into Burning Florida Home to Rescue Elderly Man

A young Amazon delivery driver has been hailed as a hero for rescuing a man from a burning home during a routine delivery run in Florida.

Sean Campbell, 23, was down the street from the fire in New Smyrna Beach when he heard screams, dropped his packages and ran to the scene of the inferno on Friday.

"I heard the screaming and when you hear something like that you have to go to it," Campbell told WESH News.

Arriving at the home, the 23-year-old realized an elderly man was stuck inside, seemingly unable to move.

"He was in the kitchen, you know, with his walker just standing there. I don't think he really knew what was going on. I was like 'Sir, c'mon. I need to help you. C'mon, let's get out,'" Campbell said.

"He was trying to grab his walker. I was like no, we got to move... you've got to see another day."

The fire reportedly started in the garage of the home in the Century Woods Subdivision.

Campbell said he needed to rip open the front door to get inside as the elderly man was unable to move quickly and appeared unable to respond to the urgency of the situation.

The man's son, Tim West, who arrived at the home a short time later, commended the young Amazon driver for his quick thinking and bravery.

"It was fantastic. He was both here and able to go inside and brave enough to go inside. We really appreciate that," West said.

The home was so badly damaged from the blaze that the man is now staying with a relative who lives nearby.

Firefighters were able to rescue the family dog.

For Campbell, he says he was just "thankful he got the people inside out."

Meanwhile, on November 11, a crew of firefighters were called to the home of actor Denzel Washington amid reports of smoke coming from an upstairs window.

The Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed they had been called to a four-story mansion in the Beverly Crest neighborhood after 8 p.m.

The actor was reportedly safe after no flames or active fire were discovered at the 28,887-square-foot Los Angeles residence.

"The investigation is largely focused on one of several furnaces in the home that may have been recently serviced," the LAFD said in a news alert.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the smoke was determined to be from one of several furnaces in the mansion that had been recently serviced. The furnace was then taken offline.

House fire
File photo: Firefighters rush to the scene of a Florida home which caught fire as an Amazon delivery driver rescued an elderly man trapped inside. Trevor Bexon/Getty