Amazon Driver Accidentally Walks Into Home in Hilarious Clip: 'The Shock'

An Amazon delivery driver has entertained the internet after a customer caught the moment he accidentally opened her front door along with his immediate reaction.

The moment was caught by a Ring doorbell camera in England by a homeowner who said the driver appeared to mistake the front door of her house for the door of a communal area of a building.

His hilarious and wholesome reaction to realizing his mistake has since gone viral, gaining 5.9 million views after user Charlotte shared it to TikTok.

"My Amazon delivery driver accidentally walked into my house yesterday and I can't stop laughing at my Ring doorbell footage of him afterwards," she wrote on-screen.

The driver could be seen approaching the house, asking "Excuse me, hello?" before automatically opening the door. Within seconds, realization hits as he immediately shut it close and apologized. "Oooh, sorry, hello," he hilariously said.

He then appropriately knocked on the front door while laughing, adding: "This is a main door, oh my god," and even facepalming.

Charlotte noted in comments that she had concluded that he believed the door led to a communal area for post and mailboxes, instead of the front door/ "I think he thought it was a communal area until he opened it, saw my dog and realized," she wrote. "I absolutely love his reaction though."

"I hope he's all good after the shock," she added.

The hilarious moment hasn't only entertained millions, but it led to an influx of fellow delivery drivers and mailmen sharing their own similar anecdotes.

"I walked into someone's kitchen once, she was sitting in her dressing gown having a cup of tea," wrote one user.

"As a postman, I can tell you i've done this many times, innocent mistakes," added another.

"My mom growing up in Ireland said this is normal. Postman used to open the door and put the post on the table and close the door behind," recalled one woman.

Newsweek has contacted Charlotte and Amazon for comment.

Earlier this year, an Amazon driver similarly pleased the internet after sharing a sweet message with a homeowner, who caught it all on her doorbell camera too.

The Memphis driver, named online as Preston, dubbed the house an inspiration for him to "do better" in order to one day own a house like it. Talking directly to the doorbell camera feature, he said "I don't know what i'm doing but this is a beautiful a** house. I just want to let y'all know this.

"This inspired me to motivate myself to do better for real. It's just off the top, and I brought the wrong damn phone. Y'all have a good one."

Homeowner Chelsie Gilbert was touched by the interaction, writing: "I'm even more excited about this message than my packages."