'Amazon Has My Back': Encounter Between Delivery Driver and Man Viewed 22M Times

An Amazon delivery employee came face to face with a homeowner just as he was hiding the package he was dropping off, which was captured on a home security system and posted to TikTok.

In TikTok user @stephanielerin's video, which has amassed more than 22 million views, a shot of the home's doormat is shown and it reads: "Hide packages from husband."

After ringing the doorbell, the employee placed the package behind a potted plant next to the door.

"He understood the assignment," the text over the video read. The caption reads, "Amazon has my back."

However, things took a turn when the door opened just as the employee began to walk away.

"Hey, how's it going?" the TikToker's husband asked. "You got a package?"

"No, I don't," the employee said. "No, I'm just here to tell you about the historic gospel of Jesus Christ."

Though the video initially cut off, @stephanielerin posted a follow-up TikTok that showed the end of the conversation in which the husband told the employee they just sat down for dinner.

"OK, uh sorry to bother you," the employee said.

Package Delivery
An interaction between an Amazon delivery employee and a TikToker's husband recently went viral. Above, Amazon packages are placed outside a customer's door in France. Chesnot/Getty Images

Viewers flooded the comments section to share their appreciation of the employee and laugh over the awkward encounter between the two.

"LMAOOO dude knew one way to get the door shut on him," a commenter wrote.

"Not him being like 'I'm just here to tell you about Jesus Christ' in an Amazon uniform," another comment read.

Others claimed he deserved a raise for his quick thinking.

The verified TikTok for Ring, a home security company, commented, "He definitely understood the assignment."

Others poked jokes and tied his profession to the excuse the delivery employee made on the spot.

"[He's] here to get you to heaven in 2 days or less with Amazon prime," one viewer wrote.

Another commented: "Amazon out here delivering packages and the Gospel."

Others, though amused by the employee's excuse, wondered why he did not tell the TikToker's husband that he simply went to the wrong house.

"He could have just said wrong house," a commenter wrote with crying laughing emojis. "Why was his explanation so out there."

In her follow-up video, while responding to comments, @stephanielerin said her husband walked away from the interaction thinking it was strange but didn't think the employee was a delivery driver.

"He was walking in the house and said, that is the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me!" the TikToker wrote.

She said he was more concerned about eating his dinner.

This is not the only delivery mishap that required problem-solving.

Newsweek reported in September that another TikTok went viral after an Amazon delivery driver accidentally threw a customer's package on their roof when he tried to swat something away.

The video, recorded on a home security system, showed the employee swatting the air with both hands, but one of the packages he was holding flew out of his grasp and landed on the roof.

Newsweek reached out to @stephanielerin and Amazon for comment.