Amazon Delivery Driver Filmed Accidentally Chucking Package Onto Roof

An Amazon driver accidentally ended up chucking a customer's package onto their roof, after appearing to swat a fly.

Doorbell cameras capture weird and wonderful sights right outside our front door, with homeowner, Casey McPerry, in disbelief over what his filmed one day, as he shared the footage to TikTok.

"Check out the message we got from Amazon today. You have to watch what our ring doorbell captured," he said in a video, which can be seen here, along with crying laughing emojis.

McPerry, from California, ordered a couple of items from the shopping giant, and as the driver approaches the front door he appears to be accosted by an insect or bug of sorts.

He swats the air with both hands, but incredibly as he swings his arm one package among the trio he's holding flies out—and lands on the roof.

The driver looks shocked, as he utters a swear word and backs up to ogle the package now on the roof tiles. He paces in circles and drops the other two packages on the ground as he looks up at the house.

Seemingly responding to the driver, the on-screen captions say: "Don't worry about it dude it's all good! I'll get it down in the morning."

McPerry, who shared the hilarious clip to his account, @caseymcperry, on Thursday, uploaded a message he received, saying: "Hi, this is your Amazon delivery driver. This sounds crazy but I accidentally threw a package on your roof. Do you have a ladder I can use?"

In a follow-up video, shared on Sunday, McPerry and his wife, Danielle, went out to investigate, as she gets a torch and shines it on the roof, confirming she can see the package. "By the time we got home we had to see it to believe it," the clip said.

McPerry confirmed the other package did get delivered in the end, adding: "He was able to get the one package delivered with a photo confirmation. I hope this guy had an awesome day after this."


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In the end he managed to get hold of a ladder, as he climbed up to finally retrieve the AWOL parcel, with the help of a broom.

"Time to get the package down. Let's see how far he threw it on the roof. Package confirmed and delivered. I hope to find the Amazon driver and share with him how much laughter this brought us," he said.

In the comments section, McPerry revealed he was home at the time, but had no idea what was happening in his front yard.

He joked: "The funniest part was I was home during this time but never knew this was going on outside until later that day when my wife saw the message."

And responding to what he thought the driver might have been swatting, he added: "I couldn't tell if it was a bee or a spiderweb. I must find the delivery driver so I can ask."

Ultimately McPerry stated the driver should get a raise, saying: "We can't stop laughing, it was so funny! This guy was awesome"

Both clips have amassed nearly 500,000 views, as people couldn't believe what they witnessed.

Amanda S Carpio joked: "He understood the assignment when I say help me hide my packages from my husband."

"That's hysterical thank god you had the camera," Sam wrote.

Justin Hooper pointed out: "At least nobody would have been able to steal that one."

Tiffany N190 commented: "I'm glad you have the doorbell came for proof it was a crazy accident and now malicious."

Newsweek reached out to McPerry and Amazon for comment.

File photo of a delivery driver.
File photo of a delivery driver. A man captured his Amazon driver accidentally chucking a package on his roof. helivideo/Getty Images