'American Horror Stories' Season 2 Cast: Who Stars in 'Dollhouse'?

American Horror Stories has a slew of chilling tales to terrify and mystify with its second season.

Each week, the anthology series dives into a new story, with a different cast portraying different characters in a similar vein to how original series American Horror Story does each season.

Here is everything you need to know about Season 2's premiere episode.

'American Horror Stories' Season 2 Cast: Who Stars in 'Dollhouse'?

American Horror Stories
A promotional poster for "American Horror Stories" Season 2, which premieres with the episode "Dollhouse" on Thursday, July 21. FX Networks

"Dollhouse" is the first episode of American Horror Stories Season 2, and it follows a villainous character named Spalding who targets young women to be part of his aforementioned Dollhouse.

Written by Manny Coto and directed by Loni Peristere, the episode sees American Horror Story alum Denis O'Hare take on the lead role of Spalding.

Spalding is a crazed doll collector looking to find the "perfect" wife and mother for his son, played by Houston Towe, after having his previous wife Ellen (Genevieve Aitken) killed for cheating on him.

In the teaser trailer for the season, a clip from the episode sees Spalding tell one woman he's kidnapped: "This is my private dollhouse. There's only one way out of here young lady, and it's not through any windows or doors."

O'Hare will be joined by a number of cast members including Kristine Froseth, the actor who takes on the role of Coby, the woman that tries to escape in the trailer.

Other cast members include Abby Corrigan, Maryssa Menendez, Emily Morales-Cabrera Kenia Arias, and Simone Recasner, all of whom portray women that Spalding has kidnapped. They are new to the American Horror Stories franchise.

Also starring in the episode is Matt Lasky, as Spalding's assistant, and Houston Towe as Spalding's son whose middle name is also revealed to be Spalding. This is not a coincidence as it helps link the episode to American Horror Story Season 3, aka Coven.

The cast is complete with Cosima Cabrera as a young witch, Simon Potter as Ellen's lover, and Ellie Grace Pomeroy as a young Myrtle Snow, the character portrayed by Frances Conroy in AHS: Coven.

In Season 1 of American Horror Stories, the spin-off added to AHS lore in its first two episodes titled "Rubber (wo)Man Part 1 and 2," set in the haunted mansion that is the setting for the original show's first season "Murder House."

The location was revisited later in the spin-off's season as well with the episode "Game Over," which marked the return of Dylan McDermott's Dr. Ben Harmon who continues to haunt the house he died in.

"Dollhouse," for its part, also does have a connection to the original series through O'Hare, as there is a link to the character he portrayed in Season 3.

American Horror Stories Season 2 premieres on Thursday, July 21 on FX on Hulu.

Update 07/21/22 05:08 a.m. ET: This article was updated to add more information about the cast in "Dollhouse."