Americans Don't Want Joe Biden or Donald Trump to Run in 2024

A majority of Americans do not want either President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump to run for the White House again in 2024, according to recent polling.

The president is facing stubbornly low approval ratings as he nears his 11th month office and some polling has shown him losing to Trump in a hypothetical rematch.

Trump has repeatedly teased a third presidential campaign, while Biden has indicated he intends to run for a second term amid speculation about his future and his recent 79th birthday.

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll conducted from November 3 to 5 found that 64 percent of respondents did not want Biden to run again.

A further 29 percent said they did want the president to run again and 7 percent were undecided.

The same poll found that 58 percent of respondents did not want Trump to run again in 2024, while 36 percent said they did and 6 percent were undecided.

The Suffolk University poll surveyed 1,000 registered voters and had a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.

A separate Marquette Law School poll conducted from November 1 to 10 found that 71 percent of respondents did not want former President Trump to run for another term, while 28 percent favored him running again.

The Marquette poll surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults and had a margin of error of 3.9 percentage points.

Both Trump and Biden are viewed more unfavorably than favorably, according to analysis from poll tracker FiveThirtyEight.

According to its tracker, which factors in a range of polls, Biden's approval rating stood at 42.8 percent as of December 1, with 51.1 percent disapproval. Trump's favorability was 40.9 percent as of November 30 and he was viewed unfavorably by 54.5 percent of Americans.

Though those polls may indicate that Americans do not want a rerun of the 2020 presidential election, nominees are chosen by their political parties and the picture among Democrats and Republicans is different.

Trump is widely seen as the clear favorite to win the Republican nomination, with a slew of polls indicating he would defeat his nearest rivals with relative ease, including former Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

A Morning Consult poll conducted from October 8 to 11 showed Trump winning support from 47 percent of Republicans in the GOP primary, followed in second place by Pence on just 13 percent.

Though Biden is also the favorite to win his party's nomination in 2024, a NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll conducted from from October 18 to October 22 showed that 41 percent of Democrats wanted someone other than Biden, with 18 percent undecided.

When Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents were combined, 44 percent opted for a different candidate, while 36 percent chose Biden.

The poll surveyed 1,209 adults and had an overall margin of error of 4 percentage points, with a 6.8 percentage point margin of error for the Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents subset.

The Democratic and Republican primaries will take place in 2024 but for now it appears that the leading candidates are the two men who ran against each other in 2020's presidential election.

Photo Composite Shows Biden and Trump
A photo composite shows President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Both men have suggested they will run for president again in 2024. Getty Images