Amputee Reveals the 'Gruesome' Make-up She Wears for Casualty Training

An amputee has revealed the "gruesome" make-up she wears for mass casualty training, providing realistic scenarios for first responders.

Kate Marie shared a video to her TikTok page, where she documents her daily life as an EMT, thought to be with the fire service.

Marie, a single mom, uploaded the clip last month, where it's since amassed more than 2.5 million views.

"Make-up for mass casualty training," she said in the on-screen caption.

Marie added: "WARNING. Could appear gruesome to some but this is MAKEUP for military and first responder training."

Her right leg, which was amputated below the knee, is covered in a pink, sticky substance, with shades of red then painted on, thought to be SFX make-up.

Marie's clothes are torn and prosthetics mimicking scorched skin and muscle are added to her leg, making it appear as if she's just suffered a serious injury.

In the previous video she shared other clips from the training session, with fellow amputees undergoing the same process on their various limbs, ready for what Marie called the "mass casualty simulation."

Explaining more about those taking part, Marie said: "All people who lose their limb were involved in either a shark attack or served in the military."


WARNING ⚠️ could appear gruesome to some but this is MAKEUP for military and first responder training #training #MAKEYOURMOVE #fypシ #makeup

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Numerous people commented on the videos, praising Marie's service.

Jessica Hensley said: "It's amazing how you turn your experience into something amazing to help others."

Oralie & Undine wrote: "The make-up and realistic injury "wounds" look bloody fantastic!"

While Amanda said: "Wow!! What a value you are to those in uniform."

"Thank you for the services you provide and all of the people you've helped," Emsy wrote.


Another mass casualty sim. Doing another sim Tuesday— comment what you would like to see #makeup Destinationdepop#fyp

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In separate videos, Marie claims she lost her healthy leg in 2010, when she was 16, due to Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Marie has documented her journey overcoming the extraordinary obstacles in her life, saying: "This is my life and I wouldn't change it!"

Marie, who worked as a volunteer firefighter, shared a video in April as she celebrated five years working in the emergency services in the U.S., although it's not clear in which state.

She said: "This month I am celebrating 5 years as an EMT. I just re-certified for another four years. In the past 5 years I have worked two major hurricanes, Matthew (2016) and Florence (2017). I'm now working in a pandemic! In 2020 I began work covid testing. Now I am doing COVID vaccinations. I love helping my community."

Newsweek reached out to Marie for comment.

File photo of a paramedic and motorcycle.
File photo of a paramedic and a crashed motorcycle. An EMT has shared the prosthetics she wears when taking part in mass causality training. CatEyePerspective/Getty Images