Amy Schneider 10 Wins Away From Equaling James Holzhauer's 'Jeopardy!' Record

Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider is now just 10 wins away from equaling James Holzhauer's record of consecutive wins on the show, after securing her 22nd victory on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the engineering manager's 21st victory meant that she became the woman with the longest win streak in the show's history, having edged past previous record-holder Julia Collins' total of 20.

California-based Schneider's climb up the ranks in the Jeopardy! hall of fame means that she is now in fourth place on the consecutive win list, behind Ken Jennings (74 wins), Matt Amodio (38) and Holzhauer (32).

Should she emerge victorious from Friday night's episode, Schneider will be another step closer to securing her goal of surpassing Holzhauer's run.

During an interview with Jeopardy! Clue Crew member Jimmy McGuire, which was shared in November, Schneider said: "I'd like to beat James Holzhauer, I think. He seems very confident, I guess I'll say. And so it would sort of feel good, I think, in a way."

The Chase star Holzhauer ranks highly across the board in the Jeopardy! hall of fame, with his regular-season play cash earnings standing at $2,462,216, placing him second behind Jennings ($2,520,700).

Having earned $831,600, Ohio native Schneider has quite the climb to surpass Holzhauer's cash haul, though she did recently reveal that she is on a "quest" to hit $1 million on the long-running quiz show.

In all-time winnings that include Jeopardy! tournaments, Holzhauer is in third place with $2,962,216, behind Brad Rutter ($4,938,436) and Jennings ($4,370,700).

One area that Holzhauer remains unbeatable (so far) is in the category of single-game winnings, where he dominates the entire top 10 with earnings ranging from a high of $131,127 down to a still-remarkable $89,229.

After landing her 20th win, Schneider expressed her admiration for previous record holder Collins in a behind-the-scenes interview with the Jeopardy! Clue Crew.

"She played very straightforward—just being smart, just being fast on that buzzer. I liked that about her," Schneider said of Collins.

Schneider also revealed that being a voracious reader when she was growing up prompted her parents to set new rules in the house.

"They fairly quickly realized they had to make some kind of rule and what they came up with was that I was only allowed to check out as many books from the library as I could carry by myself," she said. So that definitely, when I was six or seven, was quite the limitation. But as I got older it became less helpful to them."

Adding that she "absolutely" remains a huge fan of reading, Schneider said: "I have so many books in my apartment, it always takes people aback I try and tell them, most of these aren't works of literature, [there's] a lot of science fiction and stuff like that. This isn't to better myself. I just like reading."

University of Dayton alum Schneider will be seen return to Jeopardy! on Friday night to vie for her 23rd consecutive win.

"Jeopardy!" champs Amy Schneider and James Holzhauer
"Jeopardy!" champ Amy Schneider (L) took a step closer to hitting James Holzhauer's (R) record of 32 consecutive wins on the show, when she secured her 22nd victory on the show on Thursday. Jeopardy!/YouTube;/Michael Tran/FilmMagic