Angry Shopper Freaks Out On Walmart Employees in Video Viewed Over 5 Million Times

A Walmart employee in Virginia went viral on TikTok after posting footage of an angry customer threatening them and creating a scene in front of the store.

The video, posted by user @mochi_fiend on Saturday, has already racked up more than 5.5 million views and 15,000 comments.

"This man is literally threatening us," @mochi_fiend can be heard saying at the beginning of the video. That's when the man approached the door and began yelling directly at the camera.

"Look at you guys with your little f*cking phones," he said through the glass sliding door. He then began pacing in front of the door and yelled for the employees to, "give me my product!"

The man then said that he was going to just stand in front of the doors until he received his "product," saying he had "all day."

"I'm gonna be famous," the man said as he waved at the camera. He then continued to insult the employees before pacing again and yelling for his "product." In the background, an employee said they couldn't believe what was happening.

In the background, an employee said they needed to get an order to other customers but was not able to because the man was blocking the door to the parking lot.

In another video that showed more of the situation, the employees were talking about how the man attempted to "swing" at their store lead. @Mochi_fiend also said she needed to take an order out to another customer but was unable to exit because the man was threatening them.

"I can't go take the stuff to those people because he's standing here," @mochi_fiend said to another employee who was blocking the door as the man paced in front of it.

"He's terrorizing the Walmart employees?" she asked as a Spotsylvania County Sheriff pulled up in their vehicle. The man then approached the sheriff and began yelling at him. In the background, an employee on the phone with police said that the sheriff had arrived and thanked them.

In the comments, many users made fun of the angry man and compared him to a "dollar tree version of Elon Musk" and "the pompous bad guy in every 80s movie."

"This guy is like a Disney Channel original movie villain," another user wrote.

In a storytime video posted Monday night, @mochi_fiend and her boyfriend Naevyn explained that the man was angry that he could not pick up a laptop that he ordered for delivery. They said that unless he canceled the delivery order they would be unable to give him the product in-store, but they claimed he refused to do that.

They also explained that although the police were called, the man was not arrested and no charges were pressed against him. They did say that he was banned from the store.

Disgruntled Customer at Walmart
A viral video viewed more than 5 million times showed a disgruntled customer yelling about how he wanted his "product." In the video, the man threatened and cursed at the employees and blocked the door. Kena Betancur/Getty Images

This definitely isn't Walmart's first encounter with a disgruntled customer. In Nebraska, a man claiming to be a retired firefighter went on a racist rant that was filmed and went viral.

The man's comments were directed toward an employee at Walmart. He told her to "learn English" and said that when you're in America you "better learn our language."

A shopper, who posted the video on TikTok as @KaySmiles78, began defending the employee and told the man he was being disrespectful. Another customer then got involved before the disgruntled customer began ranting about 9/11 and speaking English.

Newsweek reached out to @Mochi_fiend for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.