Ex-Firefighter in Racist Rant at Walmart Staff Shouts '9/11' and 'Learn English'

A man claiming to be a retired firefighter has been filmed making racist remarks to a Walmart employee in Nebraska, telling her to "learn English" and ranting about 9/11.

A shopper, who posts on TikTok as @KaySmiles78, captured the incident at a store in Lincoln. The agitated man also mentioned the constitution and religion as he verbally abused staff and customers.

A clip posted by Kay on TikTok kicks in as the man is mid-sentence, chatting on the phone at the cashier's desk. She captioned it: "Part 1 cornered Walmart employee yelling at her for not being American & not speaking English. Yes I got between them and [got] involved."

In the first of her three clips, which can be seen here, Kay challenges the man about his remarks, saying: "You're disrespecting her."

Another woman, off camera, tells him to leave, but he continues his tirade, saying: "When you're in America you better learn our language." And in an apparent attempt to justify his outburst, he adds: "It's called the First Amendment Ma'am." He also tells the two women: "Go to church, would you. You need some prayer."

Kay tells him: "You're a very racist man." He repeatedly tells her to "get away from me," while moving closer to her.

Asked why he had made the remarks, he replies: "Because they murdered 343 of my fellow firemen. That's why. September 11th 2001. That's why." Becoming visibly rattled, he shouts: "Learn English, it's America. It's not Spain and it's not Mexico."

In the background, people can be heard suggesting that the police should be called, but the man seems to think Kay is the problem. "I have a purchase to make and this lady is verbally accosting me," he says.

He claims: "I am a retired Los Angeles fireman/peace officer." The man also suggests the women should respect their elders, adding: "I'm a lot older than both of you, combined."

The man then holds up his phone, claiming that he's filming and telling Kay to "be quiet."

"You should be shaken. When someone doesn't speak English and we can't communicate in Los Angeles, guess what happens, people die," he says.

Another man, thought to be a fellow shopper, tries to persuade the man to leave, to which he replies: "I'm a retired fire police officer, I'm MMA [mixed martial arts] trained, so you really want to go there, seriously?

"Ever heard of Chuck Liddell? We train guys like that. How about Conor McGregor? Get away from me. Get the f*** away from me."

He tells the bystander he is "talking to L.A.'s finest, pal" and suggests the other man probably has a "gang background" because of his tattoos.

The man then says: "Amen, Bless you anyway. Jesus died on the cross for you. But you need to stay away from me. Because you don't know because we're in baggy clothes. But this is 200 pounds of iron. Get away from me.

"You don't want to know what these eyes have seen," he continues, before bringing up the terrorist attacks of 2001 again, adding: "And 343 firemen murdered on September 11th, New York."

Despite his outburst, he claims he is "fine" and his heart rate is "only 55" when approached by people who appear to be store security.

The man circles back to his grievance with the employee, saying: "When I talk to an employee that works for Walmart who are trillionaires, which is a lot more than a millionaire or a billionaire, and she can't even speak English to me, because you disappeared and I wasn't done yet.

"Then there's a little bit of an issue because in Los Angeles, and you can't speak the same language whatever that language is, I speak about five languages, if you can't speak our language I want to tell you straight up—people die, you guys.

"I'm a firefighter for Christ, I've been in over 25,000 emergencies."

Just before the third clip ends, the man can be heard trying to go back to making his purchase.

Kay shared the three clips on Tuesday and they have since been viewed more than 7 million times in total.

The man has not been identified and his claims about being a retired firefighter have not been verified. But his outburst prompted thousands of TikTok comments.

GManfitty posted: "He dropped so many names he almost became the president."

Albert Gramoff quipped: "I'm fire fighter police officer MMA baseball tour guide Starbucks barista sky diving 200lb ballet dancer, you wanna go."

"He said everything and nothing at the same time," Bams wrote.

Donny Jolly thought: "When you're scared and don't know what to say, say it all."

A spokesperson from Walmart told Newsweek: "We're deeply disturbed by the behavior that was displayed at our Lincoln, Nebraska, store and applaud our associates' efforts to de-escalate the situation. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace."

Newsweek has also reached out to @KaySmiles78 for comment.

Update 8/5/21, 10:30 a.m. ET: This article was updated with a comment from Walmart.

File photo of a Walmart store.
File photo of a Walmart store in Paramount, California, on November 23, 2012. A shopper recorded a racist rant by another customer in Lincoln, Nebraska. FREDERIC J. BROWN/Getty Images