'Anthem' Strategy Guide: How To Switch Weapons, Javelin Unlock Levels and More

Are you ready for the official release of Anthem? Confused about how to switch weapons? Or finding Javelin unlock levels? Players have had the opportunity to try out demos and 10-hour trials of the main game, but now it's time to really see what you can do in BioWare's new open world. It doesn't do a very good job explaining how to play and maximize your time, so allow us to do the explaining for them. Here are the must know facts, tips and tricks before jumping into the world of Anthem.

anthem weapon switching swap guide javelin unlock levels
Anthem is a very pretty game EA

How To Switch and Swap Weapons in Anthem

After your first mission in Anthem , you'll get access to a second weapon slot. To swap out whatever weapons you have, you'll need to head over to the Forge, which can be found to the left of the podium holding your Javelin. Once you have those weapons equipped, you can swap between them by holding down the X button on Xbox One or the square button on PlayStation 4.

Anthem Javelin Stats

When you equip a component, seal or any piece of gear, you'll augment the stats of your Javelin. Later endgame items, like Masterwork and Legendary weapons, come with multiple augments. Reddit user Seeings composed a chart to show you what exactly each icon on the gear screen means, in regards to your stats. A silhouette icon means that the stat is global and affects all of your Javelins gear and abilities. A gear icon means that the stat change is only for the gear that it is attached to. There's also no location in the UI that sums up all of your Javelin's stat augments, so you'll either have to do it yourself in a Google Sheet or just not care about your stats.

anthem how to unlock javelin levels lost arcanist mission
Dive through caves in Anthem while learning how to fly your Javelin EA

Anthem Javelin Unlock Levels

After completing the tutorial, you'll unlock one Javelin to mess around with. As you level up, you'll gain access to the other three suits, allowing you to customize and choose which one fits your playstyle. Here are the Javelin unlock levels and Component slots:

  • Level 2 - New Javelin unlocked
  • Level 8 - New Javelin unlocked
  • Level 10 - Consumable slot unlocked
  • Level 16 - New Javelin unlocked
  • Level 26 - New Javelin unlocked

Anthem Early Missions: Prospero and Lost Arcanist

Anthem sort of throws you in the thick of things and then expects you to understand what is going on. After getting through the tutorial, some of the early game missions can be hard to understand. If you can't figure out how to unlock rewards and complete Prospero's mission, here's a guide.

The first mission that you encounter is "Lost Arcanist" where it's your job to save some workers lost in the jungle. You are looking for Matthias, one of the Arcanists that is going to be at Fort Tarsis for the rest of the game. You are going to want to follow the blue markers until you reach a radio signal. There you'll find what's left of the Arcanist camp and have to slaughter some Scar bad guys. Clear them and you'll be prompted to head to the runes where Matthias is being held captive. Kill all the enemies in the zone and you'll save Matthias from his inevitable doom.

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