'Apex Legends' Gravity Lift Locations in Train Yard, Sorting, Watchtower & Cage

Apex Legends has a second week of Wee Experiment Challenges, asking players to visit four more Gravity Lifts located within specific named locations on World's Edge and Kings Canyon. Below, we tell you where to find the Gravity Lifts in Train Yard, Sorting Factory, Watchtower North and the Cage.

A Recap of the Wee Experiment Challenges

In order to activate this new set of challenges, you must first introduce yourself to Horizon at the Firing Range. Interact with the big screen off to the right, and a short message will play. Shortly thereafter, you should see a message that says new challenges have been unlocked.

apex legends wee experiment week 2 screen
'Apex Legends' has a second week of Wee Experiment Challenges. Below are lift locations for the Cage, Train Yard, Watchtower North and more. 'Apex Legends' is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Respawn Entertainment/EA

At the lobby, you'll see these introductory tasks if they haven't already been completed:

  • Deal 10 damage while mid air
  • Get 10 knockdowns
  • Outlive 120 opponents

Finish those fairly simple objectives and return to the screen. You'll see another short message, and more challenges will be added to your set:

  • Activate the Gravity Lifts in Refinery and Skyhook within World's Edge
  • Activate the Gravity Lifts in Airbase and Repulsor Station within Kings Canyon.

For more info on those locations, check out our guide from last week.

Gravity Lift Week 2 locations - Train Yard, Sorting Factory, the Cage, Watchtower North

If you've finished the first week of tasks, the new ones should be available automatically. If not, go back to the screen to see if that triggers them. There's no message associated with the new challenges, but the tasks are available nonetheless:

  • Activate the Gravity Lifts in Train Yard and Sorting Factory within World's Edge.
  • Activate the Gravity Lifts in the Cage and Watchtower North within Kings Canyon.

There are no cosmetic rewards for completing these two new tasks, but you'll get 5,000 XP for completing each one. Due to the way maps rotate in Apex, not all the Gravity Lifts will be accessible at once. After finishing one set, you may have to wait a handful of hours before beginning the next quest.

World's Edge

Train Yard Gravity Lift Location: The Train Yard Gravity Lift can be found here, in the southern section of the location. It's in the big clearing right ahead from the large staircase that leads into the vault.

apex legends gravity lift location train yard
The location of the Train Yard Gravity Lift Respawn Entertainment/EA

This is what the area surrounding the Gravity Lift looks like.

apex legends gravity lift gameplay train yard
Look for this clearing in the Train Yard, near the big staircase. Respawn Entertainment/EA

Sorting Factory Gravity Lift Location: The Sorting Factory Gravity Lift can be easily found here, in this big square building in the northeast section of the location.

apex legends gravity lift location sorting factory
The location of the Sorting Factory Gravity Lift Respawn Entertainment/EA

Just go inside, and you'll find the Gravity Lift sitting by the train tracks.

apex legends gravity lift location sorting gameplay
The Sorting Factory Gravity Lift sits by the train tracks.

Kings Canyon

The Cage: At the bottom of the Cage from here, when you look up, you should see the split bridge above you.

apex legends gravity lift location cage
The location of the Cage Gravity Lift apexmap.online/EA

Watchtower North: Northeast of Containment, on the side of a big building.

apex legends gravity lift location watchtower north
The location of the Watchtower North Gravity Lift apexmap.online/EA

Because Kings Canyon isn't part of the rotation at the time of publication, we've included a video for those who need further assistance. The clip can be viewed above courtesy of 360GameTV.

Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Were you able to find the Gravity Lift locations for Week 2? What are your thoughts on the Wee Experiment Challenges so far? Tell us in the comments section!