Happy 4/20 Memes, Gifs and Images to Celebrate Weed Day

April 20, known as "420," has been an unofficial annual holiday celebrating weed. Many cannabis users mark the day by smoking weed.

Here we round up some memes, gifs and images that can be shared to celebrate the day.

Memes and gifs

Several Twitter users have shared memes and gifs, including video clips, themed around weed.

User @SanshaPapi tweeted: "Happy 420," sharing an image of rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Seth Rogen appearing to smoke cannabis. The tweet has had over 800 likes since it was posted.

User @petterkamau also shared a clip of Snoop Dogg appearing to smoke weed and offering it to a man wearing a police uniform beside him. The video, first posted by @weedthotss, has had nearly 100,000 views since it was shared. "Time to bring this back #420day," @petterkamau tweeted with the video.

User @weedthotss shared a video featuring a scene from The Office, with different characters from the television series discussing marijuana. "It wouldn't truly be 420 without this vid #420day," the user tweeted alongside the video. The post has had at least 2,200 likes since it was first shared.

User @impbonkity tweeted an image of cartoon figures appearing to smoke weed on a couch, with one character appearing to throw bills of money into the air. The user tweeted "happy 420, here's what could've been #karlnapityfanart," alongside the image. The post has received over 2,500 likes since it was shared.

Happy 420 pic.twitter.com/a6GnNqYBF4

— NAME CANNOT BE BLANK (@SanshaPapi) April 19, 2021

The account @ChronicReports shared a cartoon graphic of a joint, tweeting: "4/20 Blunt. Retweet to pass." The post has had more than 1,800 likes and over 1,100 retweets since it was first shared.

User @bad_boy_rex7 shared an artwork image featuring hands forming the numbers 420, tweeting "Happy 420 day certified stoner #420day." The post received over 400 likes since it was shared.

User @King_Sibeko_ shared an image of weed spilled out of a jar, tweeting "Happy 420 To All Stoners." The tweet has had over 300 likes since it was shared.

It wouldn’t truly be 420 without this vid #420daypic.twitter.com/LdgvAhHygD

— Weed Thoughts💭🍁 (@weedthotss) April 20, 2021

Users can also access gifs and memes themed around marijuana and 4/20 at different websites including Gfycat, which offers gifs with various flashing "Happy 420" graphics and cannabis cartoons.

Giphy also has a host of weed-themed gifs with animated graphics. The gifs feature a variety of icons, from Homer and Bart Simpson to celebrities such as Bob Marley, Awkwafina, Miley Cyrus and Bernie Sanders.

Happy 420 day certified stoner 💨#420day pic.twitter.com/uF9XM4oi0F

— bad_boy_rex (@bad_boy_rex7) April 20, 2021


WallpaperDog features 71 free "weed art wallpapers" that can be used on your computer or cell phone. The images offers cannabis-themed artwork such as Baby Yoda, Alice from the Alice in Wonderland book series and other animated characters smoking marijuana.

Unsplash offers nearly 3,000 free high-resolution weed-themed images featuring cannabis plants in bunches or as a single leaf.

Users can also access nearly 600 free marijuana-themed "high quality" stock images on Pixabay, from cannabis plants and 4/20 graphics to peace signs and other logos.

Users can choose from 46 high-definition 420-themed images on Wallpaper Access, offering various signs, logos and animations.

weed smoking April 20 event Denver 2010
A man smokes marijuana a 4/20 event on April 20, 2010 in front of the state capitol building in Denver, Colorado. John Moore/Getty Images