April Fools' Text Pranks You Can Message to People

April Fools' Day is the perfect opportunity to pull pranks on your family and friends, and if you cannot see them in person today, know that there is plenty of fun to be had over text.

From texting them song lyrics pretending you're having a bizarre conversation to setting up a fake service and sending them random animal facts or photos of their favorite celebrity, there are so many ways to play April Fools' jokes on your unsuspecting friends and family today.

On Tiktok, the #textprank hashtag has been viewed 307 million times and the #messageprank hashtag has 22.9 million views, so there's plenty of popular content for inspiration.

Below are just five popular pranks that you can copy or put your twist on, to have fun with your loved ones and celebrate April Fools' Day.

Spongebob Squarepants Prank

TikTok user @mikaylaoliverr tried the Spongebob Squarepants meme prank on her sister which involves texting someone using a script from a scene from the episode "Squid Plus One" in which Spongebob asks Squidward if he's busy.

Start the prank by texting your target "Hey. Whatcha doing?" and no matter what their response is, continue following the script. Ask them "How busy would you say you are on a scale of eight to nine?" and once they answer, say: "I'm no mathematologist, but that sounds like a lot."

The full transcript can be found online or via the TikTok videos that use the sound. See how long it takes your prank target to figure out what you're doing!

Song Lyrics Prank

Texting someone song lyrics and seeing how long they take to work out what you're doing is another fun prank. Choosing a song that could sound conversational, at least at the beginning, would help, but feel free to pick any song.

TikTok user @loux_12 tried this prank on her mother using the song "Break My Stride" by Matthew Wilder, which begins with the lyrics "Last night, I had the strangest dream/I sailed away to China/In a little rowboat to find ya/And you said you had to get your laundry clean/Didn't want no one to hold you, what does that mean?"

While hoping they don't recognize the lyrics, see how confused they get when you tell them what they did in your dream.

Committed a Crime Prank

Text multiple friends or family members telling them you committed a crime and see what their responses are—you can use this prank to both scare your friends and test their loyalty.

Is This Available Prank



♬ original sound - Lubalin

The "is this available prank" is popular on TikTok, so you may need to try this with someone who doesn't use the app. The prank is inspired by TikTok user @lubalin who turned an awkward Facebook conversation into a song that went viral.

TikTok star @jeenie.weenie tried the prank on her brother, which involves texting your target following a script from the original conversation, beginning with "good evening, is this available?" and once they respond, saying "Please, leave me alone, we are sleeping."

Follow up to their response with: "No more contacting please. Thanks. Appreciate," and finally: "I know. No longer interested. Please stop contacting me now, I will contact attorney general if you do not stop. Thsnks. [sic]"

Text Subscription Prank

A popular prank that you could customize to fit your target is a text subscription prank. You'll need a fake number or a number they don't know to do this. Text them a photo, it could be of a random animal or their favorite celebrity, for example, and tell them they have signed up for a subscription service.

Give them the option to quit by saying "Stop." However, every time they reply with "Stop" send them another photo and tell them their account has been charged.

TikTok user @riley.14_ tried this prank on her mom but used pictures of feet, with the photos progressing from feet in a foot spa to hairy feet and feet infected with fungus.

Happy April Fools' Day!

A man uses his smartphone on July 16, 2014, in Tokyo, Japan. Play tricks on your friends and family this April Fools' Day with messaging pranks. Atsushi Tomura/Getty