Last-Minute April Fools Pranks You Can Pull

Hoping to pull an April Fools' Day joke on someone? Here are some simple ideas for some last-minute April Fools' Day pranks you can stage.

Put superglue on a coin

This simple prank is easy to set up. Place superglue on a coin and stick it onto the sidewalk. Then point out the coin to the person you're trying to trick to have them pick it up. They'll be stuck in a sticky situation.

...or a jar

Put superglue around the lid of a jar and ask someone for help opening it. You can do this trick with any other objects you might need help with in some way.

Rubber band the sink

Place a rubber band around your sink sprayer and whenever someone goes to turn the tap on, they'll get splashed with water.

Keep soap from lathering

Coat a bar of soap with clear nail polish. Let it dry before placing it back in the bathroom or sink where it's in use. Those who use it will never be able to develop a lather when washing their hands.

Put plastic wrap on a doorway

Spread plastic wrap across a doorway to see people bounce off the film while trying to pass through.

....or over a toilet bowl

Following the same procedure as the aforementioned plastic wrap prank, this one might have a messier result.

Make a sponge brownie

Spread some chocolate or any other icing all over a sponge, cover it with lots of sprinkles and offer it to someone as a sweet treat.

...or a box cake

Cover a cardboard box about the size of a cake with frosting, sprinkles and any other cake decorations, in a similar way done with the sponge brownie. Then ask someone to slice the cake for you.

...or homemade Oreo cookies

Buy a pack of Oreo cookies and replace the white creme filling with white toothpaste before offering them to someone.

Send an envelope of glitter

Place a generous amount of glitter inside an envelope or package. Secure it well so that the person opening the package will need to use some force to rip it open and be showered with glitter.

Bug a lampshade

Cut out a piece of paper roughly into the shape of a cockroach or other bug. Tape it to the inside of a lampshade and when someone turns the lamp on, it will create the illusion of a giant bug hanging around inside of it.

Oreo cookies
A plate of Oreo cookies pictured in Washington, D.C. on March 7, 2012. Buy a pack of Oreo cookies and replace the white creme filling with white toothpaste before offering them to someone. Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images