Arizona Retreat Bans People Who Had COVID Vaccine

An Arizona retreat appears to have banned people who had the coronavirus vaccine from staying and or using its services.

Sedona Ranch Retreats in Arizona, which offers life coaching, "past life regression" and cannabis coaching sessions, opens its doors to people searching for a form of healing.

It also offers visitors overnight stays in suits and cabins that run up to $179 per night.

But, the retreat, run by Fernanda Durlene, shared an update on its website until recently that said it would not accept people who had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

In the 'Accommodation' section of the website, people with the coronavirus vaccine were told they would be "refused service."

A web cache of the page with a "Covid Update" read: "We are a mask-free retreat center. We do not offer any services or stay in our property if you have received the COVID shot.

"We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."

It continued: "At this time we cannot host anyone who has had the COVID vaccine. Our insurance does not cover side effects of the shot with our treatments with needles, cupping of any skin touching treatment.

"Therefore at this time cannot host vaccinated guests. I apologize for any inconvenience."

But, the COVID update was removed when Newsweek looked at the page on the morning of July 1. It is not clear why the update was removed.

However, The post was not the only item on the website that appeared hostile to the coronavirus vaccine.

Newsweek found a link to a webinar featuring Dr. Christiane Northup, who has shared views opposing the coronavirus vaccine, on the Sedona Ranch website's FYI section.

The link takes viewers to a video titled, Critically thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 44 "Special edition - Is their shot putting you at risk?"

In the video seen by Newsweek, Dr. Northup said she believed people who had the COVID vaccine could somehow be affecting people who come into close contact with them.

She said: "My feeling on this is that there is some kind of a bioweapon that the body is now secreting, transmitting as it were, as you said Sherri, from somebody who has had the shot.

"Because here is what we know, this is not a normal immunization. It is in fact something that causes the body to make a synthetic protein against a SarsCovid-2 spike protein. It is a synthetic protein that has never been seen and the body begins to produce this as a factory."

The video, which was uploaded on April 22, 2021 on has been viewed more than 843,760 times as of Thursday morning.

According to the CDC "vaccines are safe and effective" and it recommends people get it as soon as they can.

Newsweek has contacted Sedona Ranch Retreat for comment.

The retreat is located in Arizona
The retreat is located in Arizona. Stock image. rexpartners/Getty

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