Attention Singletons, Why Selfies With Your Dog Make You More Attractive

It's good news for dog owners this Valentine's Day. A new survey by has found that having a pooch in your dating profile can make you more attractive, at least to fellow animal lovers.

Polling 600 U.S. singletons, 63 percent said they're more likely to swipe right on someone who has a pup in their profile, while 47 percent said they're more attracted to dog owners than those without pets.

Dog owners have taken notice, with 70 percent believing that pictures with their pets help them to get more matches. It turns out, your canine companion can help you meet someone in the real world too—50 percent of respondents said they'd used their pet "as a ploy" to socialize with someone they're attracted to.

Comp Image Selfies with Dogs
A composite image of people taking selfie photos with their dogs. A new survey has found that having a pooch in your dating profile can make you more attractive, at least to fellow animal lovers. iStock / Getty Images

Why Do Dog Pictures Make You More Attractive?

Maria Sullivan, dating expert and Vice President of, said that pet photographs can signal positive qualities in a potential match.

"Animal lovers are typically perceived to be kind, caring, compassionate, patient, responsible and overall nice people, which are qualities that many singles desire in a future partner," she told Newsweek. "The idea is that if someone exhibits those traits in their everyday life through caring for their pet, there is a good chance they would incorporate those same traits into a healthy relationship."

However, being a good pet parent isn't easy. For those looking for a long-term relationship, this can demonstrate a willingness to commit.

"Having a pet—especially a dog—is a financial and time commitment. It signifies that this person has love to give," she said.

Couple holding hands while walking dog
A stock photo shows a man and woman holding hands while walking a dog. Many dog owners see their pet as family and want a partner who would feel the same way. bernardbodo/iStock/Getty Images Plus

This explains why 20 percent of those surveyed are willing to borrow a friend's dog to get them noticed, but Sullivan said it's important to be authentic. Although some exaggeration on your dating profile is expected, lying about having a pet could prove costly.

"Borrowing a friend's dog for a profile picture would be OK just to let others know you are a person who loves animals, but it is important to remain truthful if you're interested in a serious relationship," she said.

"A date might find it a red flag if they learn that you don't own the pet, and could interpret this as you claiming or pretending to have a pet that you don't actually have, in order to appear to be kind and sensitive on the app."

Of course, dog pictures might actually deter potential matches if they're not animal lovers, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"If you truly love your dog, then weeding out matches who would not have the same interest in having your pet around is a positive thing as it allows you to focus on making connections with better-suited matches," Sullivan said.

Two women rubbing noses
A stock photo shows two women rubbing noses while their dog looks on enviously. Moe Ari Brown—Hinge’s Love and Connection Expert—said getting to know your crush's pet is one way to win their heart. Olezzo/iStock/Getty Images Plus

How to Attract a Dog Owner

If you're looking to charm a dog lover, Moe Ari Brown—a love and connection expert at dating app Hinge—recommends finding out as much about their pet as possible (within reason).

"For many people, their pet is a central part of their everyday lives and activities. They consider themselves a package deal with their pet," Brown told Newsweek.

"If you're looking to impress a date, you can do so by asking interesting questions about, and showing interest in, their beloved companion."

You can also ask what treats their dog enjoys and bring them along on your date.

"If their pet likes you, this will go a long way in supporting your date in feeling relaxed with you," Brown said.

"Often, pets can be a kind of litmus test for whether the owner should feel safe or not with a new person."