Dog Perfects Playing Hopscotch in Video, Can Also Do Yoga and Irish Dance

A dog has impressively mastered playing a game of hopscotch, adding to the long list of skills under the belt of this Australian Shepherd.

Secret and her 21-year-old owner Mary have caught the attention of social media again after the Instagram-famous dog managed to perfect yet another skill.

On Sunday, Mary showed over 1 million Instagram followers her latest hobby, playing hopscotch, and gained over 129,000 likes for it.

"Secret practicing for next year's squid game. I'm always looking for new games to play to keep Secret entertained on these rainy fall days and hopscotch has been a really fun challenge for her," she captioned the post.

The video of Secret's impressive hopscotch talent made its way across social media platforms, even gaining over 32,000 likes on Twitter too. "Have you ever seen a dog hopscotch?" they asked.

Secret is well established online and loved for her ability to learn various new skills. You name it, she's probably done it—painting, Irish dancing and even recreating CPR.

She may be a jack of all trades, but she's certainly a master of at least one—Yoga. For years, Secret has graced Instagram with her unbelievable ability to do Yoga poses, balancing in all kinds of angles and directions with her owner.

"I trained her myself to help me negotiate situations that are difficult for me because of autism," Mary told local outlet Whatcom Talk.

"I think I just lucked out with Secret. She's smart and focused but not crazily high energy like other Aussies."

According to Stanley Coren's reigning ranking of the intelligence of dogs, which is often referred to in the dog-owning world, the Australian Shepherd ranks as "average" in intelligence, but many owners beg to differ.

Mary uses progressive reinforcement to teach Secret new skills, working in small and comprehensible steps. "Progressive reinforcement is positive-orientated training without the use of physical or psychological intimidation," Mary told Whatcom Talk. "For example, I reward Secret's desirable behavior and prevent unwanted behavior."

Of course, Secret's impressive repertoire of skills is far from normal, but the involvement of pets with Squid Game isn't. As reported by Newsweek last week, cats have been going viral online for their recreations of the "Red Light, Green Light," game in the show.

Owners turn their face to their cats to see if they stop moving, and film the hilarious reactions. TikTokers have been amassing views in the millions for the results.

Newsweek has contacted Mary for comment.

UPDATE 10/26/21 11:16 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include a video.