Authorities Seize Pickle Shipment Hiding $4 Million Worth of Meth

Watch out, snack-food lovers: Texas authorities say they recently found a shipment of pickles hiding millions of dollars worth of meth in a bizarre, Breaking Bad-esque incident.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection found the cargo last week, says CBS DFW. A tractor-trailer was reportedly bringing the shipment of fresh cucumber pickles from Mexico to the U.S. via Texas. Border Patrol Officers asked to further examine the haul and are said to have soon discovered "114 packages of meth that weighed around 217 pounds."

The whopping quantity of methamphetamine and the vehicle itself were both seized at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge. According to the U.S. Border Patrol, the shipment was worth over $4 million.

Carlos Rodriguez, the Port Director of the Port of Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas, released a statement regarding the incident. "This substantial quantity of hard narcotics will not make its final destination in the United States," he said. "This interdiction reinforces our officers' role in advancing CBP's border security mission by preventing dangerous drugs from entering and negatively impacting our communities."

The Customs and Border Protection South Texas Twitter account posted a photo of the confiscated narcotics. In it, viewers can see an overflowing pile of dozens of black, seemingly plastic-wrapped parcels.

Funky pickles: #CBP officers at #Pharr, Texas International Bridge seize $4M in methamphetamine hidden in a tractor trailer hauling a shipment of cucumber pickles. Read more:

— CBP South Texas (@CBPSouthTexas) April 21, 2021

Online, people made jokes about the incident, finding humor in the improbable combination of hard drugs and beloved snack food.

"Wow, I would be so disappointed to buy pickles and find meth," wrote one Twitter user.

Another called the news "cursed."

One commenter even thought of a perfect headline for news outlets covering the story: "Why not this?," they wrote, "'DEA puts meth traffickers in a pickle after $4MM discovery of their bread and butter.'"

This incident comes not long after TSA agents reportedly found one passenger's meth-stuffed breakfast burrito in a Houston airport. Earlier this month, TSA agents noticed that one traveler, passing through a security checkpoint at Hobby Airport, was carrying a breakfast burrito that was unusually sized and shaped: specifically, the item featured an "unidentified lump" in the middle. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the burrito contained a mass that was identified by police as crystal meth.

In 2019, meanwhile, a Colorado corrections officer was charged after reportedly smuggling heroin, meth, and other drugs into a prison via a burrito. The man was subsequently fired from his role at the Department of Corrections.

Pickle Vendor
The humble pickle may seem like an unlikely culprit for a massive drug bust. Robert Alexander/Getty Images