In Pictures: U.S. and Russian Military Strength

The U.S. military has widely been accepted as the most powerful in the world. Its possession of advanced weapons systems, nearly 20 aircraft carriers and 200 military bases in 70 nations around the world have established it as the foremost military force on the planet. What's Russia's military looks like compared to the U.S.
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Rio Carnival 2018 night two: Glitzy parades

Latin America's most famous carnival continued on Monday 12 February, with six more of Rio de Janeiro's elite samba schools parading through the specially-built Sambadrome in a dazzling display.

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018

A panorama photograph of British World War Two military motorbikes deep inside a shipwreck in the Red Sea sees German photographer Tobias Friedrich named Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018. Friedrich's photograph beat more than 5,000 entries by underwater photographers from around the world.

Rio Carnival 2018: Eye-popping costumes

The Rio Carnival officially began on Friday 9 February and lasts until 17 February, during which time the city will be teeming with hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to watch the parades and take part in raucous street processions.
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Best photos of the Pyeongchang 2018

Fireworks exploded over the huge crowd gathered in the freezing Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium in South Korea as the spectacular opening ceremony kicked off. Performances displayed the sweep of Korean history and culture, including a performance called "The Land of Peace". After a chaotic year of nuclear war threats and nuclear and missile tests from the North, it was a striking visual moment.

Paris in the Snow: Magnifique

The heavy snowfall in the French capital may be causing Parisians headaches due to travel disruptions, but it is a godsend for tourists. Paris is always photogenic, but it is even prettier when blanketed in white.
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Achieving Results: Diversity & Inclusion Actions

The need for more diverse and inclusive organizations is broadly accepted today. Seven in ten respondents to a survey conducted for this Newsweek report say the topic is clearly visible on the strategy of their organization. Download the full report to learn more.