Takashi Yokota

The Sun Also Rises

After two flawed premiers, Japan may have found a leader who can restore the battered nation.

Japan's Big Fat Sumo Scandal

In Japan, sumo wrestlers are supposed to be the (ample) embodiment of classical virtues such as discipline and honor. But these days the sport is governed by a dysfunctional, hidebound organization and constantly mired in disgrace.

North Korea Strike May Have Been Premeditated

Regardless of where the first shot came from, Pyongyang seems to have been setting the stage for this kind of attack as early as last year. For the past two years, the North Koreans have increasingly claimed that they were threatened by American and South Korean war games.

Ichiro Ozawa Is Japan's Unlikely Savior

To his detractors, Ichiro Ozawa represents the worst of Japanese politics. Self-righteous, corrupt, a power-hungry political operator, "shadow shogun." He has been called all these things, as well as "the destroyer" for the way he has created and wrecked three parties in two decades. Three months ago, he resigned from his post as secretary-general of the Democratic Party of Japan, which he helped lead to victory in last year's historic elections, amid a scandal over finances.

North Korea Wants to Talk

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has been full of tough talk lately. His regime threatened "retaliatory sacred war" in response to recent joint U.S. and South Korean naval exercises, and that was only the latest threat against Washington and Seoul since they blamed the North for sinking the warship Cheonan in March.

Japanese DPJ Party Faces Internal Rifts

Just a month and a half into his term, Naoto Kan's tenure as Japan's prime minister appears to have an expiration date. Members of his Democratic Party of Japan are blaming Kan for losing control of the Upper House in the July 11 elections, and several DPJ politicians have called for him to step down. The party may well toss Kan out in September, when he faces reelection as its leader.

Naoto Kan Is Just Another Salaryman

Japan's new prime minister, Naoto Kan, is known as a self-made politician who clawed his way up to power. Unlike his five predecessors, Kan doesn't come from an established political family.

Hatoyama Was Doomed by Tokyo's Hostile Press Corps

It looks a lot as if Japan's prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, is quitting because he couldn't deliver on a campaign pledge to evict U.S. Marines from their base on Okinawa. But in truth, it was Tokyo's press corps that did him in.

Kim Jong-il Is Looking for a Way out of the Crisis

North Korea's behavior during the showdown with its southern neighbor has been reliably bellicose. But several indicators--its rhetoric, its possible willingness to apologize, and its decision to defrock a naval commander--suggest Kim Jong-il is looking for a way out of the crisis.