Man Shares 'Perfect' Hack for Slicing Avocados Without Making a Mess

Avocados are a delicious fruit, but they can also be quite difficult.

The green, fat-filled goodness can be hard to prepare, with a tendency to turn to mush or be very fiddly to cut.

However, this doesn't have to be the case. One man on TikTok has shared his unique and practical method for slicing avocado—and once you've learned this trick you will never look back.

The video was posted on May 22 by Plant Based News, known online as @plantbasednews, along with the caption: "Perfect #avocado slices every time! #KitchenHacks #avocadohack #avocadotoast."

So, what does it entail?

Well, the footage begins with a bird's-eye view shot of an avocado over a chopping board.

In the clip, a pair of hands start by cutting the fruit in half, before removing the stone.

Then a voiceover says: "This is the perfect way to slice an avocado without making any mess."

Next, the avocado is put flesh-side down on the board, and cut into thin crescent shapes without removing the skin.

The audio explains: "Simply slice it in half and then into slices with the skin on, and peel off the skin after and you are left with perfect mess-free avocado slices every time. Great for avocado on toast."

The camera then pans over an expertly crafted meal of thinly sliced avocado over an onion and other vegetables on toast.

The video has since been viewed over 19,100 times, and some people have taken to the comments section to share their views on the delicious hack.

One TikTok user, Yodoyouboo, wrote: "No mash it plsss and then add lots of garlic and sprinkle with Violife cheese."

Another person, TaprintA, added: "nice."

However a third, Ella, highlighted that many had been doing this method wrong, writing: "You gotta watch that YT video of people trying to do this, I cried so many tears for the poor destroyed avocados."

This is not the only brilliant hack that TikTok has provided. Recently, a woman shared her tip for selecting a ripe avocado, and we had never heard of it before.

The video was posted on May 2 by Shannon Doherty, known online as @athomewithshannon.

She asks: "Did you know there is a trick for when an avocado is perfect?"

The TikTok creator then holds up the fruit before instructing viewers to "pick off the little stem..." explaining that if "it's green it is perfectly ripe."

However, she adds that if it's "brown... it's not ready!"

avocados sliced in half
A stock image of a chopping board with lots of chopped avocados. On TikTok, a man has shared his hack for ensuring you slice avocados neatly every time. Getty Images