Mom Shares Genius Hack for Picking the Perfect Avocado Every Time

Avocados are undeniably delicious, but they can also often be disappointing.

Picking out that perfect fat-filled fruit can prove tricky, and there is nothing more annoying than arriving home to find that your purchase is not yet ripe, and is too hard to put on toast.

However, a woman has recently shared her hack for selecting a ripe avocado to TikTok, and we had never heard of it before.

The video was posted on May 2 by Shannon Doherty, known online as @athomewithshannon.

She captioned the clip: "*BEST AVOCADO HACK* pick the Perfect Avocado EVERY TIME!"

Doherty then added: "This is such a good one!!! I had no idea!!!"

So, what does it entail?

Well, in the video, Doherty, who is standing in her kitchen wearing a blue jumper and black leggings, catches two avocados before the overlaid text reads: "*perfect avocado* Best Hack!"

The video then cuts to herself in store alongside a young child, looking at a crate of avocados.

She asks: "Did you know there is a trick for when an avocado is perfect?"

The TikTok creator then instructs viewers to "pick off the little stem..." before explaining that if "it's green it is perfectly ripe."

However, she adds that if it's "brown... it's not ready!"

The clip has since gone viral, having been viewed over 637,600 times and garnered over 54,100 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their appreciation of the mom's top tip.

One TikTok user, FB, wrote: "Awesome thank you for your awesome hacks."

Another person, Uni_styles9110, added: "I love avocados so u taught me something tysm."

However, some were concerned that the tip may cause the fruit to ripen quickly.

One social media user, Kellie Norton, typed: "There are so many better ways to pick an avo. Don't ruin them for the rest of us!"

A second, Carla, commented: "Don't take those stems! You will ruin the avocados!"

Doherty's TikTok account, which has 934,000 followers, is filled with other great hacks for home life, including a recently shared method for making the most out of cupboard space.

The hack involves using a baking sheet and tape to organize cupboards.

In the video, Doherty asks: "Always looking for easy ways to organize your kitchen?"

Doherty instructs viewers to: "Grab some mounting tape and a baking sheet..."

She uses the tape to attach the baking sheet to the inside of the cupboard door, then adds some colored magnets to it, turning it into a makeshift noticeboard.

The mom-of-four then attaches more mounting tape, in strips beneath the baking sheet, and sticks measuring spoons to it—a nifty storage trick.

Woman holding avocado
A stock of a woman smiling with two halves of an avocado. In the viral video, a mom has shared her hack for picking the perfect one. Getty Images

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