Cat and Baby Deer Play Together in Footage Straight Out of a Disney Movie

If you need something to make you smile today, look no further than this adorable clip of a fawn and a cat's unlikely friendship.

The footage, which was posted to TikTok on May 11 by Taylor Hoff, known online as taylorhoff08, captures her cat and a baby deer playing together on the lawn in front of a wooded area.

The pair, of similar size, nuzzle up together, with the black fluffy feline, called Walter, at one point curling his tail around the fawn, who has been named Lewis.

The two then touch noses, clearly getting to know each other in a scene that appears to be straight out of a wholesome cartoon.

Hoff captioned the clip, writing: "new Disney movie: the cat and the deer. #lewisthedeer #walterthecat #fyp."

The footage has since gone viral, having been viewed by over 1 million people, and received over 203,300 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the heart-warming video.

One TikTok user, user2173266964044, wrote: "I'm in love!! My two favorite animals together with bird soundtrack."

Another, Be Kind Every day, added: "That deer is like... hey... go ask your owner for some berries for me... cool."

Ashartstash typed: "This is all my eyes ever needed to be blessed with."

Social media user Rouguebumblebee observed that the video could be a hybrid of two famous Disney movies, writing: "The Bambi and Aristocats crossover we didn't know we needed."

User9566250007455 commented: "This is so therapeutic, and I really needed this. Thank you for sharing."

Others were confused as to why the cat was so large, but Hoff clarified: "This deer is small. Walter is the normal size of a house cat."

And if unusual animal friendships are what you find uplifting, you may also like this hilarious video of a meerkat riding a tortoise.

Posted to Twitter on May 8, by @buitengebieden_ , the clip shows the small mammal standing on top of a large moving tortoise, surveying the sandy enclosure.

Meerkats often stand on their hind legs, propped up by their tales to act as lookouts.

The video is captioned: "Mobile observation platform.."

The 16-second-long clip has gone viral, having been viewed over 2.5 million times, and received more than 15,500 likes.

Many commented on the footage, with one Twitter user, @mtnsuz8,writing: "Whaaat? You've never seen a meerkat standing on the back of a moving tortoise before?"

baby deer fawn
A stock image of a young spotted fawn. In the viral video, a similar baby deer adorably befriends a cat. Getty Images