Meerkat Rides Tortoise While on the Lookout in Hilarious Viral Video

It has been a long, old year as America emerges from the pandemic.

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to enjoy something that makes us smile—and this viral video of a meerkat riding a tortoise is just the tonic.

The hilarious video, which was posted to Twitter shows the small mammal standing aloft a large moving tortoise, surveying the sandy enclosure.

Meerkats often stand on their hind legs, propped up by their tales to act as lookouts.

In this setting the pose is especially funny as it almost looks like it's riding on a tank, heading to battle.

The video was shared by Twitter account @buitengebieden_ on May 8, along with the caption: "Mobile observation platform.."

The 16-second-long clip has since gone viral, having been viewed over 2.2 million times, and garnered more than 14,900 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the humorous footage.

One Twitter user, @git_kat, wrote: "I like the very slight tail flexing for balance. That's clever that is."

Another user, @mtnsuz8, joked: "Whaaat? You've never seen a meerkat standing on the back of a moving tortoise before?"

Mobile observation platform.. 😅

— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) May 8, 2021

A third, @arndt_kathe, typed: "That's a popular meerkat sightseeing tour... slow, but safe as can be..."

While a fourth, @itssequencebro, commented: "Hear Ye Hear Ye - Lord Meerkat has arrived."

A fifth social media user, @BanjaraBrit, tweeted: "When he turned to look at the camera "did you see that... this rock moved"."

And if funny animal videos are what you need today, you may also enjoy this footage of a turtle "dancing" in the shower, which recently went viral.

The clip was shared to Twitter by @AnimalsWorld and shows the small reptile wriggling back and forth as a jet of water showers it from above.

The heartwarming post was captioned: "This is my new favorite thing on the internet."

Clearly having lots of fun, the small animal moves in a dance-like fashion.

The clip, which has now been viewed more than 170,000 times has been set to music, which makes it even more entertaining.

One Twitter user, @FulfillADestiny, wrote: "I hope everyone has an incredible Hump Day, and remember to boogy on down like this little turtle [sic]."

Another commenter, @Lisa81677086, wrote: "This video is gonna get me through my day today!!!"

A third person, @Sowi_Kiki, explained why the little animal looked like they were dancing.

He wrote: "Not to be the 'I'm a turtle expert and they do this cuz xyz' but turtles actually have skin on their shells and can feel them.

"Because they have skin on their shells they can also get itchy on their shells and this is what it looks like when they try to scratch the shells.

"So yea this guy is having a blast bc that nice warm water splashing on his itchy shell probably feels hella good."

Meerkat in desert
A stock image of a meerkat in a desert. The meerkat in the viral video was riding about on a tortoise. Getty Images

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