Turtle Dances While Having a Shower in Delightful Viral Video

There is nothing like a good boogie in the shower to put yourself in a positive mindset for starting the day.

And, as a recently surfaced video has shown, it is not just humans that enjoy shaking what they've got to tunes as warm water cascades from above.

In footage posted to Twitter, a small turtle can be seen wriggling from side to side, as they are showered with a jet of water.

Clearly enjoy themselves, the reptile moves in a dance-like fashion and there is music playing in the background which gives the clip a comical and heart-warming quality.

The hilarious video was posted by Twitter page @AnimalsWorld alongside the caption: "This is my new favorite thing on the internet".

The nine-second-long clip has since gone viral, having been viewed over 79,600 times, and garnered more than 6,702 likes.

this is my new favorite thing on the internet pic.twitter.com/6YpI0XYqqA

— Nature & Animals🌴 (@AnimalsWorId) April 28, 2021

Many took to the social media site to share their thoughts on the sweet video, and how much the turtle is seemingly enjoying their shower.

One Twitter user, @Lisa81677086, commented: "This video is gonna get me through my day today!!!"

A second, @FulfillADestiny, added: "I hope everyone has an incredible Hump Day, and remember to boogy on down like this little turtle [sic]."

Another person, @Sowi_Kiki, explained why the little animal appeared to be dancing.

He wrote: "Not to be the 'I'm a turtle expert and they do this cuz xyz' but turtles actually have skin on their shells and can feel them.

"Because they have skin on their shells they can also get itchy on their shells and this is what it looks like when they try to scratch the shells.

"So yea this guy is having a blast bc that nice warm water splashing on his itchy shell probably feels hella good."

Many also took the time to clarify that the animal featured in the video was definitely a turtle, and not a tortoise as some previously thought.

Twitter user and tortoise owner, @NickConwayIA, commented: "That's a turtle mate. If I did that to the tortoise I don't think it would go down that well. He's not a fan of the water."

By contrast, another video recently went viral from the same account, which showed an animal interacting with water in a less enjoyable, but equally hilarious, way.

Twitter page @AnimalsWorld shared a clip of tiger prowling across a frozen pond, until the ice cracks beneath them and they partially fall into the newly-made hole.

Sea Turtle
Stock image of a sea turtle. In a viral video, a turtle being showered with water is seen moving in a dance-like fashion. iStock