Back 4 Blood Beta: How to Sign up for the Cross-gen Demo on PS5, Xbox Series X, PC

Back 4 Blood was just one of the exciting reveals at this year's Summer Game Fest. The industry wide celebration did not disappoint when it came to big announcements, exciting gameplay footage, and surprise celebrity guests.

Alongside an unexpected live performance from Weezer, Jeff Goldblum revealing a new Jurassic World management sim and Giancarlo Esposito telling us more about his Far Cry 6 character, we were finally treated to a proper look at George R. R. Martin's Elden Ring. While this certainly grabbed the most attention, as it is the most we have ever seen of FromSoftware's upcoming title, it was not the only trailer to send game fest's livestream chat into a frenzy.

Turtle Rock Studios also released new gameplay footage of Back 4 Blood, their spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead franchise. Having already developed a cult-following thanks to its pedigree, the cooperative zombie-shooter promises to deliver everything that fans were hoping a prospective Left 4 Dead 3 would have included.

There is a similar emphasis on multiplayer teamwork, the developer's variable level-design is making a comeback, and there will once again be an opportunity for enemy players to take control of gruesome monsters.

The trailer ends with a reminder that Back 4 Blood will be shown off in greater detail at this weekend's E3 conference, where there will be a slot dedicated exclusively to the game at 5 p.m. ET, on Sunday 13 June. Providing a more in-depth look at the title online PvP (player versus player) mode, you can watch this livestream on Back 4 Blood's official Twitch or YouTube accounts.

Sign Up for the Cross-Gen Beta

In addition to plugging its E3 presentation, Back 4 Blood's trailer also confirmed that there will be an open beta running throughout the month of August.

This will come in two phases, the first of which is an early-access beta running from the 5 August to the 9 August, that is primarily reserved for those who pre-order a copy of the game. If you do pre-order, then you will receive your early-access beta code upon receipt of purchase or via email, depending on the retailer.

Meanwhile, players who have not pre-ordered can also express an interest in Back 4 Blood's early access beta through the game's website but registering here will not guarantee you a place, as codes are limited. According to the FAQ section on the website: ''Pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee entry into the Early Access portion of the Open Beta''.

If you miss this early access phase, then rest assured that the open beta will continue from 12 August to 16 August, during which time it will be available for everyone. All you will need at that point a Warner Bros. Games account in order to redeem the multiplayer demo.

Publisher Warner Bros. Games has confirmed that both portions of the beta will feature cross-play and cross-gen support. This means that Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC gamers can all play alongside each other, regardless of what system they are using.

Back 4 Blood will be available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC on 12 October 2021.

A Promotion for Back 4 Blood's Beta
Image shows the end of 'Back 4 Blood's' new trailer, advertising the upcoming beta on 5 August. Warner Bros. Games