Badger Rescued After Burrowing Into High-Security Military Compound

Fantastic Mr. Fox, he is not.

Late last month, an adult badger became disoriented after tunneling into a high-security ammunition compound in England, prompting what the Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital (WWH), a local charity, described as "an anxious call from the army." The country's Ministry of Defense stated that the purpose of the call had been to have the badger "humanely capture[d] and remove[d]" from the premises, according to the BBC.

WWH Wildlife Care Supervisor Marilyn Korkis was seemingly unfazed by the request.

"You won't deter a determined badger," she told the BBC, describing the animals as strong and incredible diggers.

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While the badger was bold enough to infiltrate the compound, he was apparently too forgetful to successfully retrace his steps back outside. He "couldn't remember the place he penetrated to enter the sensitive area, so he couldn't find his way out," WWH wrote in a May 27 Facebook post.

Distressed, the badger then dug several more holes, further compromising the integrity of the compound's fencing. His exertions brought him into contact with several of the compound's guard dogs. Neither party reacted well.

"Apparently he wasn't very pleased to meet the security dogs going about their duty and they were just as confused and shocked to encounter such a grumpy individual," WWH wrote in the post.

When army officials discovered the badger, they contacted WWH. By the time hospital staff made it through "several levels" of security, the badger was "curled up against a wall with his head tucked in tight," WWH wrote. Walking on tiptoe, they managed to corner and trap the animal, much to his irritation.

Once in custody, the badger was held at the hospital for observation for the remainder of the day. However much he may have wanted to, he couldn't knock WWH's customer service. During his stay, he was fed and watered and promised "a return home later in the evening."

The hospital eventually made good on that promise. At 1 a.m., a staff member returned to the facility with the badger and released him within a few hundred yards of the building. While the staff member stated that they were afraid the badger would attack, he finally "waddled down the track" and was off.

The badger that infiltrated a military compound.
The badger that infiltrated a military compound in Britain stares in the camera. He was trapped by staff at the Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital and eventually released back into the wild. Facebook/Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital

"The army hasn't called us back, so I'm hoping he went home," Korkis told the BBC.

The exact location of the compound was not made public due to security concerns, according to the British news source.