Bag of Puppies Left Abandoned on Convenience Store Counter on Christmas Evening

A group of puppies got new homes for Christmas after they were abandoned at a convenience store on the holiday, according to local police.

Somebody left the five puppies in a zipped duffel bag at a QuikTrip convenience store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, police said in a Facebook post Sunday. Officers responded to the scene after being made aware of the abandoned pups.

"Overwhelmed with Christmas feelings," the Facebook post reads. "4 of the officers immediately adopted 4 of the puppies and the 5th went home with the QT employee."

Tulsa police also took the opportunity to urge residents to "adopt don't shop" if they're looking for a new dog.

"There are lots of rescues and shelters that are over capacity for abandoned pets," police said.

Many took to the comments to thank the officers and employee for adopting the dogs.

"I'm glad they didn't get dumped out where they suffered. They look like heeler and border collie mix," Bonnie Roberts wrote.

"Now that's some last minute shopping. Thanks TPD and QT for giving these pups a home," Dena Price wrote.

Newsweek reached out to Tulsa police for further comment Monday morning but did not hear back in time for publication.

Other dogs have been abandoned during this year's holiday season.

Police in Walton County, Florida, released CCTV footage of a couple abandoning a dog and her 11 puppies at an animal shelter just days before Christmas. In the video, the couple is seen getting out of a car with the black dog before eventually leaving the dogs outside the shelter.

The dogs spent an hour outside before staff noticed her "peering through the windows" at them.

Dogs Abandoned at Convenience Store
A group of puppies was abandoned at a Tulsa, Oklahoma, convenience store on Christmas evening. Jenny Anderson/WireImage/Getty Images

"These dogs have clearly had a rough 24 hours," police said. "Abandoned just days before Christmas and left out in the cold. There is no indication of what kind of treatment these animals received before coming to the shelter. But, they are in good hands now."

In November, a woman abandoned her dog Bama at Tampa International Airport after being told she did not have sufficient paperwork to take him with her. Police said she dropped Bama's leash and continued with her travel to Miami.

But the airport contacted a rescue organization to help find the dog a new home. Corinn Smith, who responded to the call, took in the shih tzu mix herself.

"My pups have shown him great tenderness and grace. He got to decide where he slept in the bed. They let him eat with them. He now kisses me and his tail wags when I approach him. He's still confused, but we can love him through it and we will. He's a very funny, demanding, snorting guy," Smith said.