Balenciaga Croc Stilettos Inspire Jokes from Unimpressed Twitter Users

Balenciaga unveiled its second collaboration with Crocs as part of its spring 2022 collection and social media users are far from impressed.

The second collaboration between the two brands features Crocs in the form of boots and platformed pool slides, but it's the Croc stilettos that really have people talking.

Although the controversial shoes are not available to purchase just yet, CNN reported that the Crocs stilettos—which come in black and green—may cost fashionistas around $1,000.

In 2017, Balenciaga collaborated with Crocs to create yellow and pink platform shoes that sold for $850. These shoes were sold out in pre-orders before they were even officially released, which may be an indication of how popular the stilettos may be.

However, not everyone is impressed with the comfy sandal and stiletto hybrid as social media users share jokes and memes about how they feel about the designer shoes.

Zack Knoll shared a The Devil Wears Prada meme which sees Emily Blunt as Emily ask Anne Hathaway as Andy if she's wearing the Chanel boots, but said"'Are you wearing the—' 'The Balenciaga stiletto crocs? Yeah, I am.'"

Are you wearing the—

The Balenciaga stiletto crocs? Yeah, I am.

— Zack Knoll (@zackknoll_) June 8, 2021

@ideservecouture said: "Cinderella meets Balenciaga Crocs" and shared a meme of Cinderella inspecting the Croc stiletto as if it were a glass slipper, saying "What in the hell are these?" before throwing it behind her shoulder and saying: "I ain't wearing that! Bye!"

Cinderella meets Balenciaga Crocs

— ideservecouture (@ideservecouture) June 9, 2021

Twitter user @Shellysweird said: "It's giving me we just threw this together cause this generation will wear anything."

Other social media users expressed how much they dislike the Croc stilettos, like @drkww26, who said: "What the f is wrong with people at Balenciaga? Can't decide whether it's a joke or just making fun of people who buy these."

Some Twitter users took issue with the shoes trying to combine two very different functions, like Twitter user @Btothelancs who said: "First of all, the reason I wear Crocs is so I don't snap my ankles. I hate this. I have no second of all," while @kgpart said: "'You know what I should wear to the club? Croc stilettos!' said NO ONE EVER!"

Others were quite harsh in expressing their dislike of the shoes, like @mbreichenbach on Twitter who said: "I thought I supported full bodily autonomy and everyone's decision to dress and express themselves as they please... then I saw these Croc stilettos and changed my mind."

Finally, Twitter user @jamikiins said: "You are absolutely 100 percent LYINNGGGG if you think those Croc stilettos are fire. There's something wrong with you."

Balenciaga Crocs Stilettos
Balenciaga has collabrated with Crocs to create stilettos, but not everyone is impressed. Balenciaga x Crocs