What Are Battle Stars in 'Fortnite' Season 7 and How Do You Earn Them?

After much speculation over what form its new content would take, Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 has finally arrived. Entitled Invasion, this latest phase in the online battle royale has the alien theme that many fans were expecting and introduces a variety of futuristic weapons, pilotable UFOs and, of course, a fresh battle pass to dive into.

Yet there is something different about this month's update, as it fundamentally changes the way rewards are unlocked. With previous seasons, players had the option to purchase a ''battle pass'' from Fortnite's store page, through which they would be given the opportunity to earn limited-time cosmetics, such as character skins, emotes and loading-screen artwork.

It was a fairly straightforward system that incentivized you to keep playing and level up through the various tiers. Rewards were also fixed, meaning that when you hit a certain level you would unlock a predetermined item.

For the Invasion season, Epic Games has tweaked the battle pass so that it no longer offers this kind of linear progression. Instead, players will now earn a special currency, known as ''battle stars," they can spend on items of their own choosing, giving them greater control over how they are rewarded.

In terms of how you acquire these battle stars, leveling up is effectively the same as it was in previous seasons. Gamers can accumulate experience points by either completing quests, defeating rival players or simply spending V-Bucks to skip ahead. The only difference now is that, rather than being given a fixed prize, they will be rewarded with battle stars and have to navigate to the relevant menu to redeem them.

The battle pass tab can be found in the main menu, right next to the lobby, and from there you can see the full range of available items. There are multiple pages to browse here, although it is worth noting that some of these are actually level gated. For example, you cannot immediately head to page 9 of the battle pass and unlock Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, without first reaching level 90. Otherwise, you are free to pick and choose from the catalog as you see fit.

One other point of interest is the appearance of Superman-themed content in the battle pass, but according to a pop-up message this will not be available for another 65 days.

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